Favorite Product of the Week: 123 Perfect Foundation from Bourjois

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Ladies, I have a little confession. I am not a big fan of foundations and I seldom use them on a daily basis. I know that such a statement would be somewhat shocking to some of my readers who assume that a foundation should be a staple in any beauty routine. Well, it is a staple on some occasions, especially when you are in an event or a place where you will take tons of photos and want your skin to look healthy or even and less pale. My not-so-good foundation relationship might be out of my concern that it would melt away and stain my clothes amidst Alexandrian humid weather, or even fearing any breakout as my skin is a bit sensitive to heavy beauty products. But again, whenever I know that I will be in front of a camera, applying a high-quality foundation becomes inevitable.

My past liquid foundation got expired, so I needed a new one with a pink undertone and which would guarantee light to medium coverage. At Debenhams (my favorite place in Alexandria for Makeup shopping), I got ushered to the 123 Perfect Foundation from Bourjois.

123 Perfect Foundation

123 Perfect Foundation

After trying it, I was impressed with its ability to glide over my skin without highlighting any flaws or pores. I tried many other foundations at the store, but I found this one absolutely suitable for my combination skin. The label on the123 Perfect Foundation bottle suggests that it has color-correcting effects, but I can’t really tell if this is the case as I normally use a concealer and/or a corrector right after the foundation.

You might like this foundation if:

  • You have oily or combination skin.
  • You need SPF in your Foundation.
  • You need light to medium coverage.

Tools and/or Products to be used with the 123 Perfect Foundation:

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