“Accessorize” like an Egyptian!

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Nowadays, Egyptian designers have managed to create a modern trend for Egyptian women that brings in ancient style and folk inspired ideas along with modernity. Whether it is a simple necklace with an outstanding bold pendant, gypsy style flip flop or a sophisticated clutch embellished with an Arabic calligraphic phrase, you can find it all. Here are some clues about what to wear, if you want to “accessorize” like an Egyptian:

Arabesque (Islamic Art)

An elegant classic necklace embellished with Arabesque by Sara Abd El Aziz


Arabesque in itself is a work of art. Arabesque has been used since forever in interior designs and furniture pieces to add an air of authenticity. Jewelry designers have decided also to blend silver with Arabesque to reflect the Arab Islamic identity


A Turquoise bracelet from Azza Fahmy’s latest Pharaonic collection


Turquoise is a highly appreciated stone in Egypt. It is believed that it drives evil powers and envy away, and it also adds elegance and a sense of luxury to any outfit. Turquoise is usually used with either silver, brass or gold jewelry. Men and women put it on. It can be added to necklaces, bracelets (as shown above), rings, earrings or even leather wear.

“Cause I’m a Gypsy”

Inspired by the Egyptian rural lifestyle, handbags, belts and scarves with oriental and sometimes gypsy prints, you can easily have a boho chic touch to your outfit no matter how formal you dress up.

An embellished scarf by Dokanty


Arabic Calligraphy

Not only does Arabic calligraphy look attractive, but also if you want to make a statement whether it is a poetic verse or just through a simple phrase, calligraphy can add elegance to your intended boldness.

Earrings by Rabab Salem from her “99” collection


Funky Flip Flops

Flip flops are not dull anymore. Funky designed flip flops add a sense of freshness and fun to everyday looks. You can put on those embellished flip flops indoors and they can also be perfect on a sunny day by the beach.


Tanoura Flip Flop by Shibshibi



Khamsa is a palm shaped amulet that is very popular in the Egyptian folklore. It is believed that it keeps away evil spirits and envy. Khamsa is used as a home accessory as well as a a piece of jewelry.

Khamsa charm bracelets by Lisa


Egyptian National Sense

Well, it cannot be an Egyptian inspired accessory without an Egyptian sense, right?

A simple clutch with the colors of the Egyptian flag from Georges Sara’s “I Love Egypt” collection


Hope that I have brought you different styles that match your tastes!



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  1. Admin

    November 14, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    I really love modern Egyptian fashion for women.From jewelry to clothes and the way they mix and match colors and styles I feel always inspired by Egyptian fashion.
    By the way nice post and blog.Congrats!

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