14 Most Powerful Arab Food Bloggers

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14 Most Powerful Arab Food Bloggers! Like it or not, blogging has been the new black for quite a long time. It has given ordinary people the perfect medium to voice out their opinions, experiences, style and recipes! In fact, food blogs have been garnering a lot of attention worldwide simply because of the accessibility of the whole blogosphere phenomenon. You just need a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, and a decent internet connection. You can simply search for exotic foods and BAM; you will find yourself surrounded with yummy family recipes, a great deal of information and details to ensure you master the ins and outs of every mentioned method, and if you’re lucky, you will find impressive visuals that will make you drool.

Arab Food Bloggers, most of them at least, have been striving to tell the world that Arabia is not just a warzone, yet a hidden haven full of gastronomic treasures that are often pirated by other countries and cultures. Today, we are giving a simple tribute to the Most Powerful Arab Food Bloggers you need to follow for a hot sizzling dose of inspiration.


Egyptian Preserved Lemons with Nigella Seeds and Safflower (Photo from MidEats)

Egyptian Preserved Lemons with Nigella Seeds and Safflower (Photo from MidEats)

Mideats is a food blog created by two Egyptian American ladies, Brenda Abdelall and Heba Saleh, who decided that their love for food “needed to be documented and shared”. Although their website is not updated on a regular basis, you can find some of the rarest Middle Eastern home recipes which you cannot find in any menus of the self-proclaimed Middle Eastern restaurants.

Facebook: 2.3K

Anissa Helou of Anissas.com

Anissa Helou of Anissas.com

Anissa Helou of Anissas.com

You might recognize her as being one of the four judges at the Arabic version of The Taste. However, Syrian Lebanese Anissa Helou’s story goes way back to the early 1990s when she published her first cook book, entitled Lebanese Cuisine. Later on, Helou decided to follow her heart, learn from all her lifetime experiences around the globe as an Art Consultant, Radio & TV Broadcaster and writer, and enter the Blogging world through her website, anissas.com. On Anissas, you will find yourself on an exciting journey to a world full of exotic travels, nostalgic photos and yummy recipes.

Facebook: 1.1K

Instagram: 4.5K

Twitter: 7.7K

Maureen Abood of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

Maureen Abood of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

Maureen Abood of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

Maureen Abood is a Lebanese American chef, photographer and writer. Her Rose Water & Orange Blossoms blog is a mesmerizing outlet for Abood who shares recipes of Lebanese delicacies, along with techniques to master your dishes as a pro.

Twitter: 1.3K

Instagram: 740


Amanda Mouttaki of Maroc Mama

Amanda Mouttaki of Maroc Mama

As the name entails, MarocMama is a full-fledged website dedicated to everything that is Moroccan and yummy. MarocMama was established in 2011 by Amanda Mouttaki, an American expat who moved to Morocco with her Marrakechi hubby. MarocMama serves as a handy manual to people who are interested in Moroccan culture; you can find step-by-step illustrated cooking tutorials, Moroccan proverbs and even tips to women visiting Morocco for the very first time.

Facebook: 2.8K

Twitter: 5.3K

Moroccan Food

Photo Credit: Moroccan Food

Photo Credit: Moroccan Food

Through a very user-friendly interface and colorful photos, you can spend hours navigating through Moroccan Food Recipes prepared and written by Christine Amina Benlafquih. Benlafquih has been learning the secrets to delicious Moroccan dishes from her in-laws and friends who naturally know their recipes from memory, till she became an expert in that field.

Facebook: 2.3K

Twitter: 2.3K

Ya Salam Cooking

Kofta with Tahini Sauce (Photo Credit: Ya Salam Cooking)

Kofta with Tahini Sauce (Photo Credit: Ya Salam Cooking)

Noor AlQahtani is a graphic designer who obviously has a passion for cookery. She established her website Ya Salam Cooking in 2007 to become the first blog/website dedicated to Saudi recipes. Ya Salam Cooking is very user-friendly and will get you hooked for even hours. You can find everything from simple date and Qahwa to other interesting dishes from various cuisines.

Instagram: 1.6K

Taste of Beirut

Date Sweets (Photo Credit: Taste of Beirut)

Date Sweets (Photo Credit: Taste of Beirut)

Taste of Beirut is a wholesome website created in 2009 by Joumana Accad, a Lebanese expat living in the US. In Taste of Beirut, Accad reinvents authentic Lebanese dishes while being faithful to the original recipes. By time, Taste of Beirut has become a fully-established brand name with a published cooking book under the same name. Unlike other food blogs on the list, Joumana Accad appears from time to time on her Youtube channel to share her recipes in simple English and friendly way.

Facebook: 14.8K

Twitter: 1.4K

Instagram: 960

Youtube: 2.6K

Matters of the Belly

Hibiscus & Rose Ice Tea (Photo Credit: Matters of the Belly)

Hibiscus & Rose Ice Tea (Photo Credit: Matters of the Belly)

Matters of the Belly is a lively food blog created by Noha Serag Eldin, an Egyptian expat currently living in Australia. With impressive shots and nostalgic moments shared by Serag Eldin while she recites the story behind each single recipe, you’d feel that you are already friends with her. Her heartfelt recipes are not necessarily Arabian or even Middle Eastern, but she manages to have an oriental twist to every single dish even if it is a simple Mango Smoothie.

Facebook: 3K

Instagram: 1.8K

Twitter: 60

Chef in Disguise

Pumpkin Soup (Photo Credit: Chef in Disguise)

Pumpkin Soup (Photo Credit: Chef in Disguise)

Chef in Disguise is a Cooking Website created by Sawsan, a Palestinian Orthodontist with a big appetite for Palestinian and Jordanian cuisine. Sawsan dedicates a large portion of her blog to authentic Palestinian dishes as a way of celebrating a threatened heritage. She even goes the extra mile to explain to her readers simple ways to create Cheese, a staple in Mediterranean cuisine.

Facebook: 17.6K

Twitter: 940

Instagram: 300

Buttered Up Blog

Smoked Herring Salad (Photo Credit: Buttered Up Blog)

Smoked Herring Salad (Photo Credit: Buttered Up Blog)

Buttered Up is a food blog created by Egyptian Indian Celebrity Chef Sarah Khanna whom you might recognize as the Co-Host of Hakawy Al Mashawy show on CBC Sofra. For Khanna, Buttered Up is her “Self-Improvement Mission”. Well, we don’t really know about that, but we can surely commend Buttered Up for being a mix of gourmet and homemade recipes that don’t exclusively belong to a special cuisine. Simply, you can consider Buttered Up as a food blog of the world with illustrative colorful recipes and guest posts from some of the best Arab food bloggers out there.

Facebook: 1.1K

Twitter: 1.7K

Instagram: 430


Pasta with Roasted Tomato Sauce (Photo Credit: Tableya Blog)

Pasta with Roasted Tomato Sauce (Photo Credit: Tableya Blog)

Tableya is a food blog created by Egyptian Nevine Baligh. According to Baligh, Tableya is her zillion trial with blogging, but seems like this time is a charm for Tableya is a very presentable food blog with mostly healthy and efficient recipes which anyone can easily prepare.

Facebook: 1.2K

Antonio Tahhan

Steak Crostini (Photo Credit: Antonio Tahhan)

Steak Crostini (Photo Credit: Antonio Tahhan)

Antonio Tahhan is a Syrian American food blogger whose eponymous website can be considered as a digital archive for Levantine cuisine. For Tahhan, his web/blog is a platform for “dialogue and cultural exchange”. Well, you just need to check out his recipes and scroll down till you find the Comments section, and see for yourself that people from all walks of life can gather around nothing but a yummy and well-prepared dish.

Facebook: 2.1K

Twitter: 690

Wandering Spice

Freshly Picked Plums (Photo Credit: Wandering Spice)

Freshly Picked Plums (Photo Credit: Wandering Spice)

Wandering Spice is a Modern & Traditional Middle Eastern & Mediterranean cooking website established by Yasmeen, an Arab American expat living in Australia. With each single recipe, you can feel utter warmth either through the use of home-grown veggies or through the beautiful tales shared by Yasmeen as a nostalgic background for her significant dishes.

Facebook: 1.8K

Twitter: 1K

Instagram: 1.2K

Noor Alghannam of KitchenNoor

(Photo Credit: KitchenNoor)

(Photo Credit: KitchenNoor)

If you’re an Instagram junkie, you must have stumbled upon Noor Alghannam’s recipes. Unlike other food bloggers who have actual websites, Alghannam relies mainly on Instagram and Snapchat where she shares yummy photos and brief videos of international dishes along with their detailed recipes in Kuwaiti Arabic.

Instagram: 904K

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    Check Mona Amer page for some serious food blogging:



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      We’ll do another post about the best TV hosts out there to follow. Amer has always been a real food diva!

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    Great list! Perhaps adding in links to the actual blogs? Just saving us searching them out?

    • Sans Retouches Team

      March 31, 2015 at 7:39 pm

      Done. Thanks Dan for the heads up!

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    طريقة تحضير كيك بالشوكولا و صلصة البيشاميل

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    I like Arab food. Delicious

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    Wonderful gifted people

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