Why I Don’t Blog My Personal Style!

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“You’re a Fashion Blogger? Where are your photos? Why are not you into modeling?”

For more than 3 years, I have been through this infinite dilemma and endless questioning about whether or not I should be considered a Fashion Blogger or even a Fashionista! With the worldwide advent of Instagram and the whole new “image” mania, some people seemed to forget that blogging is originally related to “Writing”. So, in case you are wondering about how I dare call myself a blogger while maintaining some privacy, here are some of reasons.

Am NOT a Fashionista!

I’ve dedicated a whole post to this topic before. However, I feel like I need to stress this point once again; I consider myself as an Editor who happens to be savvy when it comes to lifestyle, culture AND Fashion! I can run an online weblog/magazine; give you ideas about a nice family dinner, provide you with insights about the latest trends, or even tell you about an exotic event happening next door. However, if you’re expecting a walking Fashion carnival, I can totally recommend some Instagrammers you should follow.

Fear of Overexposure

My friends and followers would already know that I’m a sucker for Social Media. I’m reachable most of the time via Twitter, FB or even Instagram, but don’t let this fool you. I have learnt the hard way to control what type of info and personal experiences to virally share. Apart from the online creepy stalkers who might be watching one’s Social Media channels (only God knows what they are capable of doing), I have come to realize that the less info you share, the better it is for your real Social life. There was a time when I used to comment on every single piece of news, post photos of my daily outfits, makeup and accessories, check in different locations on every single app, and of course take juicy snaps of my daily meals. (A typical modern girl’s attitude!) It was until I noticed that people naturally grew nosier and more eager to share pieces of their mind about my personal values, views, wardrobe choices…, etc. Others went too far to criticize my decisions or even make false judgments based on what they saw or read online not on what they knew from real life. Of course, there was nothing much left for them to know, when every personal detail of mine was jotted on screens.

At that time, I have realized the value of real interactions and become more concerned of having a decently private life where I have the upper hand of my daily routine which should not be determined by people’s “Likes” or comments.

Distorted Body Image

In my opinion, Personal Style Blogging has transcended its basic aim to provide people to get insights of real people’s style. Originally, Fashion Blogging has provided normal people a platform to share their different styles. Gradually, blogs have become another version of high-end fashion magazines with celebrity bloggers who have a whole team of makeup artists, hairstylists, personal trainers, photographers and retouchers. Sometimes, I go to the extremes and believe that blogs can have bigger damage if compared to the mainstream fashion magazines. Unlike magazines which are usually published on a monthly basis, women now have a free and direct access to incessant photo stream of women who are technically not considered supermodels, but still look too good to be true. Consequently, more women and young girls start comparing themselves to similar women or girls who seem “effortlessly chic”. However, what so many people seem to ignore is that there is no such a thing as “Effortlessly Chic”!

Am NOT a Commodity

At the beginning of Sans Retouches path, I was still trying to figure what track I should follow; whether I should keep things confined to posting photos of my daily outfits, or rather expand my horizons and do what you see right now as a comprehensive site. Of course I was a bit confused, yet was eager to knock on several doors till I find what works best for me. What I noticed when I tried to tackle the “Personal Style” approach was that most designers and/or brands merely regarded me as an object who had nothing of real value except for a face, body and followers who would guarantee more traffic. However, when I opted for the current approach, I was impressed by some people’s appreciation of what I do and try to attain. That was when I figured that instead of developing myself as a commodity, I need to invent an attractive impersonal product that will grow by time, and garner people’s appreciation as well.

So, what do you think about the whole Instagramming phenomenon? Do you think I have a point or just being too harsh? Leave a comment below or tweet me via @Sans_Retouches!



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Noha Rahhal

Noha is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Sans Retouches. Apart from her obsession with glossy stuff, Noha is a hardcore bookworm and a music addict. If you happen to spot her in any of Alexandria’s hot spots, you’d find her either pouring her thoughts on a chic notebook, picking a political argument with some fellas or even enjoying an exotic meal to keep her full for days.

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