Favorite Product of the Week: Brush Cleanser from MAC

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It’s time for the “Favorite Product of the Week” feature! This time, we are introducing you to “Brush Cleanser from MAC Cosmetics” which we personally consider as an essential product every girl should have. Whether you wear makeup on a daily basis or just use it on special occasions, there is a high possibility that skincare is on your priority list.

One of the things we tend to turn a blind eye on is the cleanliness of makeup brushes. What you might not know is makeup brushes can be a real threat to your skin if they are not cleansed on regular intervals. Even if they are not used, they can be subjected to contamination if kept in dirty makeup bags or in forgotten drawers. Constantly used brushes are usually filled with bacteria, makeup residue, dust and dead skin cells. So, it’s very important that you cleanse your brushes every now and then so that you’d avoid sudden breakouts or even smudgy makeup looks.

Brush Cleanser from MAC

Brush Cleanser from MAC


Here are some instructions to use the product:

  1. Fill your palm with a considerable amount of the product depending on the size of your brush. (You can use a bowl if you want)
  2. Get your brush and soak it in the liquid and move the brush back and forth or you can even rub it with your fingers.
  3. You will notice that the makeup residue will come off.
  4. In case you use a bowl instead of your own palms, remember to leave the brush’s tip soaked in the liquid for about a minute or two.
  5. Rinse the brush thoroughly, insert it vertically in a jar or even a glass and leave it to dry on its own.


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