Buying an Engagement Ring: The 3-4-2 Guide

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Buying an Engagement Ring: The 3-4-2 Guide! Finding the ring may be just as challenging as finding the one. Yet, the truth is that the first and overarching step to finding the right engagement ring is finding that one in the first place. Once you are there, more than half of the (engagement ring shopping) journey is complete and you are now ready to begin looking for a very precious symbol of your relationship. While shopping for an engagement ring may seem rather overwhelming for groom and bride alike, this 9-step guide, with its 3-4-2 formation, hopes to keep you both sane along the way.



1. Knowledge

Do your research before you shop. It is important to learn about diamonds, the 4C’s, precious stones and metals. Briefly, diamonds are evaluated based on their 4C’s (not necessarily in this particular order): carat-weight, cut, color, and clarity. Essentially, precious stones include diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby, while precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum.

2. Know the bride

An engagement ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry, so the key is to know the bride’s style. Some women prefer flashy jewelry (i.e. larger diamond carat-weight), some prefer subtle (i.e. a brushed finished on the gold), and some love unconventional (i.e. a sapphire or emerald ring).

3. Prioritize

Now that you know more about engagement rings and the bride, you have to identify what matters most to you and the bride. Is it the carat-weight of the diamond? The finish of the gold? Or the unique style and design of the ring?



1. Determine your budget

Price tags, especially on engagement rings, can be quite intimidating, no doubt. To stay in control, be sure to establish a budget. Establishing a range with a minimum and maximum price points would be most helpful. Be sure to let the salesperson know what your budget is.

2. Visualize

Once you start looking at rings, if you’re the bride, be sure to try on the rings, and if you’re the groom planning that surprise proposal, bring along a female family member or friend to help you visualize how the ring might look on your bride’s finger.

3. Warranty and Care Plans

Some jewelry stores offer great warranty and care plans for an additional price. Consider them in your budget as well as your priorities.

4. Limit your options

You’ve already done your research. You already have an idea what’s in the market. All the possibilities can be overwhelming. Unless you’ve fallen in love with the One Ring at first sight, make sure you stay focused by limiting your options. Don’t try on or consider a ring outside of your budget. Consider your priorities, your budget, and warranty and care plans when you’re creating your shortlist.




1. Storage

If the ring is waiting for an engagement date and will not be worn immediately, you will need to store it safely and securely. To keep your ring in the best possible condition, keep it stored in an air-tight container or mini plastic bag or Ziploc, separate from any other piece of jewelry. Avoid having any chemicals (i.e. perfume) come in contact with the ring.

2. Insurance

Consider adding your ring to an insurance policy that would cover damages, theft, and/ or loss.

Bottom line: Learn, stay focused, and most importantly… Have fun!

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