A Beauty Talk with Charbel Hasbany

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Born and raised in Lebanon, Charbel Hasbany was selected recently by a Philippines-based magazine to become one of its high-profile team. The 23 year-old Hasbany studied Makeup Artistry at the Atelier Maquillage Paris Modele. Despite his young age, he worked with dozens of magazines along with different models, artists and photographers who share his creative sense and love for aesthetics; all of which helped Hasbany position himself as one Lebanon’s most reputable Makeup Artists.

Charbel Hasbany gave Sans Retouches insight into what inspires him, what he loves most about makeup along with his favorite products to use and some of his worthy beauty tips in this interview.

Charbel Hasbany

Charbel Hasbany

Thank you Charbel for this interview! Tell us, how did you get into the field?

Ever since I was young, I found myself interested in mixing colors. During college, I did not feel much interested in what I was doing at the time. I wanted to be enrolled in a field that would help me express myself. That was when I knew deep inside that I belonged to the world of Arts.

What is the best part of being a Makeup Artist?

Besides the rush I get from mixing colors, I’d say that shaping someone’s face and highlighting its natural beauty is a real thrill.

In your opinion, what are the top 5 beauty products every woman should have?

Every woman should buy new good mascara every 4 months. She also needs a good velvety foundation that matches her skin tone, a concealer that goes perfectly with her eyelids’ tone, a blusher and most importantly a good lipstick!

What are the hottest makeup trends that we should be on the lookout for this Fall/Winter?

Well, there are the statement spider lashes and heavy smokey eyes. There is also a glow-getter trend going on with flawless skin and vibrant cheeks. During the fashion shows, we have also seen a nice colorful twist to the ordinary eyeliner. At Kenzo’s show, for example, there were stark flashes of liner, not to mention the paint jobs at Christian Dior’s and Chanel’s shows.

Makeup by Charbel Hasbany

Makeup by Charbel Hasbany

What are your beauty tips for women out there?

First of all, don’t go harsh on your make-up! You don’t have to apply makeup on a daily basis; your face needs to rest from time to time. A fine layer of foundation and concealer is enough to have a natural look. There is no need for the contouring step.

Secondly, never forget to put on your night cream and a primer or a smooth lotion before you apply your makeup; it helps your skin and face to look more relaxed. I highly recommend Lancome products for that purpose.

At last but not least, be picky with colors. Choose what suits you best!

If you’d choose one Arab celebrity to work with, who would that be?

I’d pick Haifa Wehbe or Nadine Rassi; both of them have the perfect face and skin. Anything could work on their faces.

Who’s your favorite makeup artist of all times?

That would definitely be Roshar. He knows how to pull off the artistic and natural look at the very same time in any photo-shoot.

How can people get in touch with you?

Well, you can reach me via phone (0096171516041) or Facebook page. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Makeup by Charbel Hasbany

Makeup by Charbel Hasbany


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