Confessions of an Egyptian Fashion Blogger: Why I Would Never Invest in Pricey Shoes AGAIN!

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Confessions of an Egyptian Fashion Blogger: Why I Would Never Invest in Pricey Shoes AGAIN! I know that being a Fashion Blogger automatically entails that I have a big passion for luxurious pieces, especially shoes! With Carrie Bradshaw’s unforgettable quest for finding true love, finding a good pair of shoes seemed like a more attainable and fulfilling dream. Since then, a whole shoe generation began. Shoes have transcended their simple use as a means to accessorize to become a symbol for empowering women and equipping them with confidence, poise and high self-esteem.

Consequently, Egyptian girls, including myself, have developed an eternal crush on shoes. The more, the merrier! However, shoe-shopping is not always fun, especially with all those Made in China mass produced designs. I was struck to know that even those top-notch stores which charge hundreds if not thousands of pounds for every single pair are not so proudly made in China.

Apart from guiltily wearing a pair of glamorous heels and knowing that dozens of people have been enslaved in a stifled place somewhere in Southeast Asia to finish working on them so that I would feel untouchably stylish, let’s face the ugly truth that has to do with paying fortunes for not so comfortable shoes that will leave your feet, in most cases, bruised up if not wounded.

And if we assume that you are lucky enough to fetch yourself a chic pair that happens to be miraculously comfortable and relatively affordable, how long will it last? Like it or not, Egyptian streets are not shoes-friendly. I was attending a formal event a couple of days ago, where I actually walked in what is supposed to be a posh district. Then, I went home to find one of my heels completely ruined thanks to the pebbles which I unfortunately stepped over.

This has not been the sole case where my shoe soles betrayed me, but I’ve learnt the hard way that shoes are made primarily for walking. Thus, if I’m planning on getting a new pair in the near future, I will definitely look for much cheaper alternatives that would look trendy and which would not make me feel upset when they get worn out!


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Noha Rahhal

Noha is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Sans Retouches. Apart from her obsession with glossy stuff, Noha is a hardcore bookworm and a music addict. If you happen to spot her in any of Alexandria's hot spots, you'd find her either pouring her thoughts on a chic notebook, picking a political argument with some fellas or even enjoying an exotic meal to keep her full for days.

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