Confessions of an Egyptian Fashion Blogger: Am NOT a Fashionista!

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Am NOT a Fashionista! Recently, I’ve been visiting Cairo on a regular basis to finish some pending work there. I still remember when my boss told me that I would be relocated in Cairo for a while, I was going to jump off my seat and do a crazy chicken dance. Of course, I didn’t! I just acted poised and nodded silently while imagining the ultimate fun awaiting me in the big city.

Fashion-related outings, which have always been on my list, were no longer far-fetched dreams that I would only cover virtually. Nah! “Wait for me, Cairo!” I thought excitedly.

A couple of weeks ago, while attending a Fashion-related event, I started mingling around with the “fashionable” crowds, while snapping random shots of the event.

Hello! My name is Noha Rahhal. I’m a Fashion Blogger.

Reactions varied every time I put myself out there; some people smiled and acted friendly, while others were a bit snobbish as if we were shooting the Egyptian version of “Mean Girls”!

Regardless of the different attitudes, there was a common “Fashion Police” air about almost everyone there.

Who are you wearing?

I love your bag! It’s Celine, right?

Those were actually some of the loud comments I overheard while moving around. It wasn’t until I spotted a Fashion Blogger giving me the “look”, while checking out my outfit that I realized that I must have been in some kind of trouble that I didn’t get the approving smile, the passionately curious questions, or even the glamorous shot by some of the pro photographers attending.

For a moment, I felt self-conscious. However, I quickly remembered an old interview with Alexandra Shulman, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue UK, on the Telegraph where she casually confessed that she was “not obsessed” with her appearance.

“I’m an editor first,” Shulman naturally said to the Telegraph’s reporter as a way to shake off the constraints set by the Fashion society.

It all made sense to me at the time. Of course, I’m not comparing myself to the Editor-in-Chief of the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world. Not even close! The point is there is a Fashion Blogger/Editor and there is a “Fashionista” like those whom you can easily spot on Instagram, Facebook or even Pinterest.

Those fashionistas have been bravely making a fashion revolution of their own by defying mainstream fashion with posh catwalks and size-zero airbrushed models. The “Street Style” blogging phenomenon has started a decade ago worldwide, and has recently hit the Egyptian arena with the rise of Instagram and the accessibility of designers’ clothes.

Whether fashionistas are strictly sticking to this rebellious attitude or slightly moving towards the modeling approach, I will be surely confessing about that in an upcoming post.

But for now, I’m stating, too, that I’m a hardcore Fashion Blogger or Editor, if the blogging concept creates some sort of confusion for you. I don’t dress primarily to impress, but rather to feel at ease with my whole look. If you ever follow me on Instagram and find me posting a goofy photo of a careless outfit, feel free to unfollow if you are looking for some ultimate fashion statements. I can even suggest some good profile for you to follow. However, if you’re keen on knowing some of the latest trends in the region, read some juicy interviews with your favorite designers or even know about the latest events happening out there, then I’m definitely your girl!

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Noha Rahhal

Noha is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Sans Retouches. Apart from her obsession with glossy stuff, Noha is a hardcore bookworm and a music addict. If you happen to spot her in any of Alexandria's hot spots, you'd find her either pouring her thoughts on a chic notebook, picking a political argument with some fellas or even enjoying an exotic meal to keep her full for days.


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