Daily Style Inspiration: Sleeved Dresses

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Dresses for When the Weather’s a Bit Too Chilly

This season can be quite uncomfortable for many people, but it also provides a world of opportunity for the stylish. In the winter, the cooler weather allows for more experimentation with layers and different fabrics that would be too warm to wear in the spring or summer. During the cold winter months, the more fashion conscious of women will rummage in their closets for nice sleeved dresses and coats to boot, they might find themselves wanting to change things up a bit. After all, you can only wear the same look a few times before it loses its charm.

Sleeved Dresses

A sleeved dress from Marks & Spencer!


If you’re planning to go out a lot this winter, it might be a good idea to invest in a couple of nice sleeved dresses. Contrary to popular belief, sleeved dresses aren’t all frumpy and unflattering. In fact, Beaut.ie says that they could even help complement your figure if the sleeves end right at your waist. As actress Helen Mirren star of the M&S “Leading Ladies” advert said in an interview with the Telegraph, “There are so many wonderful things you can do with sleeves that people used to do, and then they stopped.”

So how do you pull off the sleeved dress? A rule of thumb comes from – surprisingly Ebay: Make sure everything balances out. Since your sleeves are longer, go for either a shorter hemline, or a lower neckline. The hemline will usually fall above the knee, but those who are going for a more daring look can shorten this to around a mid-thigh length.

As for shoes, pumps look great with sleeved dresses. Since sleeved dresses look mostly conservative, a more formal-looking shoe would be ideal. Either a peep-toe or a closed shoe will work, so long as the heel is at least 2 inches long. And to accessorize, an elegant, long necklace is a perfect match.



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