Favorite Product of the Week: De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay

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As an Egyptian girl who has to bear with the constant Alexandrian humidity, makeup in summer can be a hectic process. Not only do I avoid wearing makeup during daytime, but I also try to keep things as minimal as possible during nights just out of my fear of sweating and smudging my look. However, as I have been flipping through numerous video tutorials, I came to discover this magic invention known as makeup setting spray.

Of course, when you walk into a makeup store in Egypt and ask about such highly advanced products, you’d be surprised that the salespeople have no clue about what you are talking about. That is why I asked a friend of mine in Dubai to get it for me. Thankfully, she got me the De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay.

De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay

De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay

I have used the De Slick Spray for multiple times after I applied my makeup and have been overwhelmed by its effect. It comes in a small metallic bottle with a little spray on top which you naturally use to splash a tiny amount of the product on your face after applying makeup. I was surprised to find that my makeup would stay on untarnished for at least 10 hours, even if I sweat or use a tissue to wipe off some sweat.

Just right after I put the final touches on my makeup look, I hold the De Slick spray just 5 inches away from my face and I spray twice or thrice just for full coverage. It will dry off in seconds without any shiny effect, so you don’t have to worry about your final look.

Typically, I don’t use it on a daily basis as I don’t normally wear makeup constantly, but I tend to save it for daytime errands, weddings or any other events that require full makeup and entail any risk of having a smudgy look.

You can find the De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay at any Urban Decay booth in any Sephora branch across the GCC. (Price: 275 LE. It may vary.)

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