Designers Changing the Face of Abaya

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Abayas have been one of Arab women’s means to embrace modesty and true appreciation of their ancient tradition. By time, Abayas have transcended their typical style; multiple local designers have been adding their own touches and employing new elements and colors to the traditional black Abaya. Here are some of the most iconic Abaya designers and fashion houses you need to follow.

Mauzan Abaya



Mauzan came to life in 1990 when Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Founder & Creative Director, decided to finally achieve her childhood dream of becoming a an Abaya designer. Mauzan (Meaning a precious pearl) has become one of the most-popular Fashion Houses in both the UAE and the Gulf region. With Ramadan, Eid, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections, Mauzan has not just achieved stardom but consistency, a characteristic that many local designers seem to run short of. What makes Mauzan even more appealing to larger segments is the brand’s keenness on providing two editions; Mauzan that aims to target mature women with more conservative and traditional colors and cuts, and Miss Mauzan that is specifically designed to match young ladies’ fresh style with vibrant colors and crisp materials.

Ajane Abaya



AJANE is a Parisian fashion house founded earlier this year by Jonathan Toulouse. After studying gemology and fashion, Toulouse has decided to start an Abaya brand after a brief trip to the Middle East in 2014 that really inspired him. Combining Eastern modesty with the extravaganza of Western elegance, AJANE abayas come as an embodiment of a fashion bridge between both cultures.

Huda Al Nuaimi Abayas

Huda Al Nuaimi

Huda Al Nuaimi

Bringing her appreciate for heritage along with acquired knowledge of high-end Fashion, Emirati designer Huda Al Nuaimi seems to know what exactly she is doing. With an ever-successful label, MALAAK, making it to regional and international stardom, Huda has decided to take a break and start fresh. She has just launched her eponymous label that still bears Huda’s fresh spirit and authoritative style attitude.

Hania Abayas



Endorsed by Saudi royals like Princess Ameera Al Taweel, Hania Al Braikan has proved to be an Abaya princess. Hania originally studied economics but decided to pursue a career in Fashion design. She started off by designing self-expressive Abayas for herself. By time, the Abaya s became so popular to the extent that people started asking her to design for them. That was when she started her HANIA brand.

Bouguessa Abaya



Launched by Faiza Bouguessa, a UAE-based French Algerian designer, BOUGUESSA comes as a symbol of paying homage to tradition while adding a contemporary feel to progressive Arab women who are not afraid to stand out of the crowd.  Drawing inspiration from architecture, and global culture, BOUGUESSA Abayas are known for the Fashion-Forward feel that reflects modernity, sophistication and simplicity.

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