Dokanty: A New Definition for Boho Chic

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Dokanty is a blooming fashion brand name in Egypt started by two elegant and creative designers, Lamis Ossama and Amira Abdelrazak. Dokanty has been well-known among young ladies for its boho chic style and exquisite designs that bring in the authenticity of the oriental heritage along with lively, sometimes bold, colors suiting different tastes and occasions.

From the left, Amira Abdelrazak & Lamis Ossama founders and co-designers of Dokanty

We had a brief interview with Amira Nasrat, co-founder and co-designer at Dokanty and tried to know more about the brand, designes and surely plans.

A Simple Clutch from the Neon Clutch by Dokanty

Tell us more about Dokanty, why did you decide to get into the fashion business?

Well, Lamis and I are best friends since childhood. We have always had the same tastes. We have also shared a big obsession for shopping, fashion…etc. We decided to give it a try and create our first own line of handbags, scarves and later on flip flops. It has been a hell of a great experience so far.

Have you faced any difficulties up till now, taking into account that this is your first time to get into the fashion field?

Dokanty is pretty new, you know. We have launched our first debut collection in May 2011 at an exhibition in Alexandria. But, Lamis and I have been no strangers to the design field. I worked for almost three years as an Interior Designer at Amr Helmy Designs, and Lamis has been working for a long while as a wedding planner. So, we were sort of familiar with the design industry. When it comes to difficulties, I believe that dealing with craftsmen is the hardest part; you have to guarantee that you get the best finishing ever, and since we are keen on keeping a good relationship with out customers, punctuality is very important as well.

A Cross Bag by Dokanty

Did people respond well to your first collection?

Hell, yeah! As I told you, we released our first collection in an exhibition in Alexandria. The sales were pretty high, Lamis and I could

not believe ourselves at the beginning thinking that it must have been “beginners’ luck”, and then we created our Facebook group and it all went on. People have always been eager to know what’s new from Dokanty. I. personally, get calls every now and then from different customers making second and third orders either for themselves or their family and friends. All of that has pushed us forward to do more and think of ways to develop Dokanty and come up with new designs.

Dokanty” is a very distinguished name, why did you choose it?

When Lamis and I thought for the first time to start our fashion line, we wanted to focus on the oriental line, as this was always missing in the Egyptian market. So, we wanted a name with that oriental Middle Eastern spirit and then we came up with “Dokanty” the Arabic equivalent of “My shop”.

What’s up with Dokanty these days?

We have just launched our Fall collection at “Christmas Gift” charity bazar by Inner Wheel el Tahrir Club, and we are participating in Winter Wonders Festival.

Here are some sneak peeks from Dokanty Fall Collection 2011/2012:

A Grey Clutch from Dokanty’s Latest Fall Collection


A Colorful Simple Clutch by Dokanty (Fall 2011/2012 Collection)


An Embellished Wool Scarf by Dokanty (2011/2012 Fall Collection)


Wool Embellished Scarf by Dokanty Fall 2011/2012 Collection


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