Eating My Way through Alexandria; Top Favorite Eateries!

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Alexandria; a city that is quite notorious among most of its residents for being a bore, is actually an eternally charming place that is full of treasures only if you have an adventurous side that would keep you away from sticking to the usual seafood, kebab or those highly popularized stereotypic places that you’d read about in the typical travel guides.

So, here are some of our favorite eateries that you can discover and judge for yourself, without fearing that any of those recommendations are sponsored by any means. Those are our own personal recommendations without any commercialized bias.

Sidra Egypt

A recent discovery from our side, but Sidra Egypt is quite known for their highly crafted Lebanese delicacies. Located in Orouba Mall on the outer side of Alexandria, the place can seem a little aloof and far-fetched especially if you’re a hardcore Alexandrian who prefers nearby locations. However, the great dedication to every single dish, high-quality ingredients and exquisite tastes make the long distance a worth-it experience.

Doppio Zero

Okay, here is an underrated hot-spot that serves Mediterranean dishes; mostly Italian. Doppio Zero in Italian means Double Zero which refers to a high quality flour that is usually used all-over Italy to make the best pasta, bread and other pastries. The spacious restaurant located in the food court of City Center Alexandria has a very rich menu that might make you feel puzzled or even puzzled as to what to choose. However, we can highly recommend their thin-crusted pizzas and sandwiches that are second to none.

The Meds

In Alexandria, when it comes to seafood, you can either have knock-out dishes in a filthy place, or mediocre taste in sophisticated restaurant with over-the-top decoration. You can seldom have a decent environment with perfectly served dishes that would bring back memories of your mama’s cooking at home. But, we luckily got to try The Meds restaurant located in The Royal House in the iconic Montazah Gardens. Not only will the place blow your mind with its Mediterranean-style setting and phenomenal view of the enchanting sea, but the dishes are well-presented with fresh ingredients without any over-cooking or over-seasoning.

Stefano’s, Four Seasons Alexandria

Let us walk you through our latest fine #dining experience at Stefano’s; the Southern #italian restaurant located in @fsalexandria . . . #decor is warm and luxurious, so the #restaurant can be perfect for a romantic date especially if you want to leave a good impression or make a BIG move! . . . . Staff is welcoming, professional and quick. They made us feel at home. Might be a fancy home, but still you feel very comfortable! . . . First, we got a full basket of delicious #bakery that we literally devoured with sun-dried tomato paste and roasted garlic that was sweet and caramelized. Then, we got the Melanzane Parmigiana which is made up of layers of roasted aubergine topped with marinara and #cheese sauce. For main #dishes we got the #southafrican beef fillet topped with #ravioli stuffed with mushroom #ricotta cheese, and #parmesan sauce. The #meat was cooked to perfection, as we prefer medium-well. Sautéed #veggies were fresh with a bit of crunchiness that went well with the rest of the ingredients. We also had their famous baked #salmon with lemon butter #sauce that was served with broccoli purée. Again, a true revelation! For #dessert we had their signature #chocolate fondue with vanilla #icecream , the quality of ingredients set the bar for all self-proclaimed pastry chefs in #alexandria . . . . We, again, were super delighted by such a high-end experience that we’d definitely repeat over and over again! . . #food #foodie #foodies #foodgasm #foodporn #egypt #italy #cuisine

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If you’re on a hot date or aiming to make a big move to impress your girl and win her heart, then it is totally fine to get thrifty and treat yourself to a warm dinner in a posh restaurant with highly exquisite Italian dishes. Stefano’s in Four Seasons Alexandria offers you all of that and even more especially with their welcoming staff who make you feel like royalty.

Brioche Doree

#food Le plaîsir et la santé sur l’assiette! . . . For a #Thursday night treat, we decided to have a #french feast! That is when we decided to head to @briochedoreeegypt in City Center #alexandria . . . Despite the hectic traffic of the busy city where everyone tries to have a little bit of fun after a busy week, and being stuck in a car for one whole hour thanks to a not too smart #uber driver, the thought of a warm #yummy #meal kept our mood in check! . . . We started off with #salade saumon au crabe! Well, when it comes to smoken #salmon we are definitely suckers, so we really enjoyed this dish although it lacked #capers which would have added a great zesty flavor to the rest of the ingredients. Also, cutting the #crab sticks in a different coarser manner would help intensify the taste instead of those shredded pieces. . . . . Then, we had what we think of as their BEST dish; les #crevettes curry which is made up of curry #rice, with medium-sized #shrimps cooked to perfection with #curry #pineapple #sauce. A very well-balanced sweet & savory flavor in every single bite! C’est un dix sur dix! . . . . Our companion had a less adventurous choice with the Blanc de Poulet et #fromage. Off course, we had to grab a bite out of it, to keep you informed, you know 😉 The #chicken had the Brioche Doree signature croustillante bite topped with emmental and cheddar #cheese. The sauce was, however, the king of that basic dish. You can put it on any savory dish and enjoy it. Top! . . . . #dinner #egypt #cuisine #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodgasm #france

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Usually known for their desserts and pastries, Brioche Doree in City Center Alexandria offers a limited but well-crafted menu. No matter what dish you decide to choose, you’ll be always impressed by the quality of each ingredients and the conflicting flavors that work harmoniously inside your mouth.

Mori Sushi

It is no secret that many Egyptians nowadays pride themselves or even exaggerate their knowledge and appreciation of Sushi. Well, Mori Sushi is one of the pioneer places to serve good-quality sushi and sashimi in Alexandria, but what is surprising for so many people who regularly visit the place but often order the usual stuff is their dessert and beverages menu. Treat yourself to a chocolate fondue (aka. Molten Chocolate cake) that is served with Haagen Dazs ice cream, and you will eternally forget about any patisserie that serves self-proclaimed similar stuff.

Bruxie’s Egypt

There is an ongoing burger mania nowadays either in Cairo or Alexandria with a burger shack or restaurant scattered around every main street in both cities. However, Bruxie’s Egypt serves top-quality burgers that would leave you craving even more. The Kafr-Abdou located restaurant that soon turned into a small but growing chain in Alexandria has a wide range of delicacies to offer from fine selection of coffee to main dishes and desserts, yet still their burgers are to swear by!

Brew & Chew

It was time to add Brew & Chew to the list. Since its start with a tiny place in L Passage, Fouad Street, the restaurant has been raved for its dessert inventions and signature dishes. Whether it is a red velvet molten cake or konafa caramel magic ball, you will be amazed by the amount of details they try to put into every single item on their menu. If you are having a sweet tooth, you should definitely go there and treat your taste buds.

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