Meeting up with Elisa D’Ospina

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Last week, I got to meet a very inspiring woman who is not just beautiful, but also creative, strong and self-confident. When I first got introduced to Elisa D’Ospina, I knew that she is an editor at Vogue Italia, but then she sent over her website’s link and I was literally wowed! Not only is she a talented editor, but she is a very savvy Plus Size Model as well. As juicy as this sounds to many people, including myself, I decided to have a one-to-one interview with Elisa to know more about her and her profession.

Elisa D Ospina

Elisa D’Ospina


How did you get into the modeling field?

It all happened by chance! One day, I was working at a trade show and a talent scout asked me if I would like to do a casting to become a Plus Size Model. Meanwhile, I sent over some of my photos to modeling agencies after my mom had read several newspaper ads where Plus Size models were needed.

In a Fashion-savvy country like Italy, how do people react when they first meet you and know that you’re a Plus-Size Model? Do you face any prejudices?

Well, people are usually astonished at the beginning! Seeing Plus Size models on the catwalk is still a novelty. However, women especially are very happy when they get to know me and know about my field; they apply to us, you know. They can finally see clothes on women who look like them.

Have you always felt comfortable with your own physique? Or, have you been through a long journey of working on your self-esteem?

I have always been very fortunate to have a family who loved me for who I am and not for my appearance. I think in life it is important to meet people who go beyond the physical appearance. When I was young, I felt different; I was very tall and curvy, my friends were skinny or fitter than I was. But that has all changed. My body has allowed me to work in a beautiful area and has built part of my career.

Plus Size Model Tara Lynn has declared before that “it is hard to make clothes look great on big women.” Do you agree on that?

I began to think so in 2007. It’s much simpler to create a dress for a model. But, for an ordinary woman, there is more research. Fashion system can evolve in a way where we can see both skinny and curvy models on the catwalk.

Do you think that we will see more “Plus-Size” models in the near future?

I hope there will not be racism in catwalks. My dream is to see curvy women healthy and happy with how they look.

Do you have to keep on a certain weight? Is there any kind of pressures in your field?

As all other models, we have to maintain certain measurements and have a body free of imperfections.

Who’s your beauty icon?

I don’t have beauty icon. But a lot of people say I look like Monica Bellucci!

Tell us about your beauty secrets?

Living life to the fullest with its joys and sorrows, and dedicating time to affection and love, maybe those are the secrets. Having people who love you allows you to climb mountains, something that you cannot do on your own. I believe that women should always remember to be sexy and beautiful at home for themselves and for their loved ones

What are your future plans? Any interesting projects? 

In April, I will release my first book and I’m very excited about it. Also, I will be traveling around Europe and the end of February I leave for the USA. As you can see, I spend my life with a suitcase in hand. But one day, I just want to write. There are many stories to tell.


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