Pamper Your Skin with Enchanteur Moisturising Creams

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If I will start talking about how important it is for women to keep their skin hydrated, then I would definitely need a few more blogs. There are endless studies out there on the benefits of moisturising your skin, how to choose the right moisturising cream, how more appealing your skin becomes when hydrated…, etc. So, regardless of what your skin specifically needs, a moisturising cream should be a staple in your beauty bag.

The French-inspired Enchanteur offers a versatile range of moisturising creams with tantalizing fragrances that would leave you for hours feeling fresh, soft and dashing. Known for its subtle, seductive and passionate collection of floral fragrances that are symbolic of the French romance, Enchanteur can be considered your best friend on a dry-skin day. The Enchanteur moisturising creams do not only mesmerize the senses, but they also encapsulate body and mind in an enchanting spell that simulate a romantic mood.

Enchanteur Moisturising Creams

Enchanteur Moisturising Cream

With having Aloe Vera and Olive Butter as key ingredients, the Enchanteur creams will assure you silky softness that will last for hours.

The Enchanteur moisturising creams are found all over leading Hyper & Super markets in the GCC. The sizes vary from 100ml, 200ml to 300ml. The prices start from 10 AED (Prices may vary from one outlet to another).

If you need more info about the Enchanteur products, visit their Facebook page, follow on Instagram, or subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

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