Ethan Allen Highlights New Home Décor Pieces for The New Year

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Ethan Allen highlights new home furnishing and accent pieces from The New Eclecticism to create a new look and feel for homes in the New Year. The recent additions of furniture and accent pieces will be available in the Ethan Allen Design Center and Showroom in The Dubai Mall in late January.

The established 80-year-old brand is well reputed for its craftsmanship, innovation, and quality, as well as sophisticated style and value. Along with welcoming in a new year, Ethan Allen is excited to offer home accent items that create a different feel and persona in the home as we start 2014. The brand offers a number of accent pieces that will bring a renewed style to homes. The products, which include mirrors, intricate designed table lamps, pristine candlesticks, striking bowls and serving trays, carved stone boxes and pillows and throws, among other items offer the perfect mix of blending in and standing out in a space.

By Ethan Allen

By Ethan Allen


As we start a new year, Ethan Allen would like to help its customers have an elegant home, but yet still live comfortably and feel at home. Ethan Allen believes that even with small changes and additions of distinctive accents pieces throughout the home will help to display a personalized touch and feel throughout a home. If you want to redo a room, simple changes or additions with accent pieces can make a world of difference and bring an original look to the room for the new year.

In commenting on different ways to transform a space in the home, “pops of color are some of the least expensive ways to spruce up a room. You can paint the walls or add some pink or raspberry color pillows or rugs to a room to bring a fresh accent. If you want to change the aesthetic look and feel of a room you can add polish to a room with the addition of silver accent pieces such as Ethan Allen’s Mother of Pearl Bowl or even alter a room’s design scheme by adding in some throws and pillows with different prints,” says George A. Foster-Vincent, Design Team Manager, Ethan Allen, The Dubai Mall.

“At Ethan Allen, we are focused on helping customers make their homes an extension of themselves. With our different home furnishing styles, assortment of accent pieces and personalized design services, customers will be able to furnish their homes that will match who they are in 2014,” George added.


To check out some of the new designs and accent pieces in 2014 visit The Ethan Allen Design Showroom at The Dubai Mall.

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