3 Fashion Faux Pas Inspired from Ahlam in Arab Idol III

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3 Fashion Faux Pas Inspired from Ahlam in Arab Idol III. Last Saturday, millions of Arabs were glued to their TV screens as they witnessed the finale of Arab Idol Season III. Marked by its sheer glamour with epic live performances by some of the best talents across the region, the show has also been considered somewhat controversial with some of the judges’ stunts and fashion statements.

When it comes to the whole three seasons of Arab Idol, Emirati singer and self-proclaimed “Queen”, Ahlam always pops into the audiences’ minds with her loud demeanor, sharp comments on contestants’ performances and of course her own style. We have piled up some of her “fashion faux pas”s to give you some heads up as to what you should AVOID next time you head to a top-notch event.

Ahlam in a Nicolas Jebran Ensemble

Ahlam in a Nicolas Jebran Ensemble

Too Much Shimmer Can Turn Tables against You!

If you’re wearing a shimmery outfit, then you need to tone your makeup, hair and accessories DOWN. It is never the other way round. Ahlam seems to be a real Queen (of Bling Bling) with her dangling earrings, multiple rings and stacked diamond bracelets. She is definitely labeled as too much!

Ahlam's Makeup by Samer Khouzami

Ahlam’s Makeup by Samer Khouzami

Contouring is Hot, but….

It is no secret that contouring is by far the hottest makeup trend out there. With all those Youtube tutorials and Pinterest illustrated images of step-by-step makeup, everyone seems to be on the look-out for the know-how of this transformational secret. However, all the layering and massive number of products that go into the contouring process might make a woman look a bit-cakey rather than natural and glowing. Remember that makeup is supposed to highlight your natural features.

Ahlam a la Rihanna Style

Ahlam a la Rihanna Style

Avoid Being a Fashion Victim!

Being a style icon requires neither wearing shades in a pitch-black theatre during nights, nor imitating another star’s outfit and asking your followers to name their favorite look. By following such styling techniques, not only do you appear too desperate to be a fashionista, but you’d also expose yourself to incessant public ridicule for being simply “unoriginal”.

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