Meeting up with Hania Albraikan of HANIA Luxury Abaya

Today, I’m introducing you to Hania Luxury Abaya, a new brand from Saudi Arabia. Designers have taken Abaya to a whole new dimension by adding to the traditional embellished abayas a sense of modernism and their own personal touches as well. Hania Albraikan who originally studied economics but decided to pursue a career in Fashion design. Since she was a little girl, Hania had her eye for Fashion design. She started off by designing Abayas for herself which expressed Hania’s own personality. The Abayas became so popular to the extent that she decided to create her own brand. Hania has gained public acclaim to the extent that Princess Ameera Al-Taweel has been spotted wearing Hania’s ‘Royal Orchid’ Abaya which became one of the most popular and sought-after Abbayas.

As an Egyptian girl who has not been familiar with Abayas, I have thought of them as merely long plain black dresses that aimed to cover up women’s bodies. Luckily, that narrow-minded view has changed gradually, when I met women from either the Gulf region or Egypt itself (as Abayas grew popular throughout the past decade in Egypt) and was impressed by their beauty, embellishments and tiny little details that made those Abayas stand out. Not only have I been charmed by the chicness of Abayas, but how women felt and looked in them made me believe that Abaya is more than just a clothing item.

Check out photos from Hania’s event during Riyadh Fashion Days here.

I have had this interview with Hania, to know more about her, her Abayas and her own brand; 

Hania Albraikan


Tell me Hania, why did you decide to design Abayas in particular?

Well, as a girl from the Gulf region, I really do believe the Abaya is part of our identity, so we know what we really need and want in an Abaya design.  Although it’s possible to find Abaya designs from other regions, I believe that girls who wear Abayas design them best.  For the Hania brand though, Abayas are only the beginning, and we see great potential for branching out into other areas also.

How did people react to your first collection? 

I was so lucky to have a very positive reaction to my ideas and designs right away when I first launched the label.  I was so happy and surprised with the feedback. However, it made me feel a great deal of responsibility to come up with other unique ideas for my next collection.

Who inspires you the most?

I am constantly inspired by the people and things I encounter in everyday life, especially on my travels.


Hania Luxury Abaya

Close Shots for “Wave” and “Zahrat” Abayas by Hania


What are the hottest trends for Abayas this season?

Lace makes a perfect addition to the Abayas this season. It is very delicate, feminine, perfect for Abayas and also compatible with the global fashion trends.

Do you think that Abaya will be just a fad, especially that women are always keeping their eyes on European trends?

­­I don’t think that the Abaya could ever be a fad. Many women love to wear Abayas which are a huge part of our traditions and culture. I also think the future for Abaya designers is very promising.

Tell me more about the Chic Lady event in Abu Dhabi. Are you going to showcase some new designs?

The Chic Lady event will take place between October 9-12 in Abu Dhabi, and we are very excited to be unveiling some new Hania designs there!  We look forward to sharing them with you and all the Hania fans.


Here are some gorgeous designs by Hania;

Hania Luxury Abaya

Wing Abaya by Hania


Hania Luxury Abaya

Al-Sultana Abaya by Hania


The Peacock Abaya by Hania


Hania Luxury Abaya

Layers of Love Abaya by Hania


Empress Abaya by Hania


Dazzling, right? Make sure that you “Like” Hania’s page on Facebook to get all her latest updates and check out her latest works!





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