Summer Florals: Tips from Forever Rose Founder

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No matter where you are from, how old you are or what occasion you’re aiming to attend, there is always a room for roses. There’s always something magical about a nice bouquet that will draw smiles on everyone’s faces. A nice bunch of roses, beautifully arranged is your killer move to gain any crowd’s hearts and blessings.

Today, I’m sharing with some few tips that you can consider your guide into buying the perfect roses bouquet for sizzling summer occasions;

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Roses Are Red

Red roses have a hedonist appeal to them, they can’t help but charm us with the sentiments of love, romance and luxury which have classically been attached to them.
I’m not sure we’ll ever see red roses be surpassed in popularity in the long-term, they have stood the test of time and I believe they will continue to reign as the king of flowers for centuries to come.

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Pick a Pastel Palate

In terms of color palettes this season, what we are experiencing is many requests for soft colors – the full range of pastels, with many asking for shades of yellows, oranges, pinks, lilacs, creams and other light colors.

Arrangements constructed with these palettes have a way of lifting and softening our mood as soon as we see them, particularly when in the home. They can really do wonders for a living space in their ability to create a calm, summery and fresh atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Go Green

Use lots of greenery in your arrangements. You don’t necessarily need to bring large plants inside the home, the effect of “green” can be achieved through the display of different botanicals which are able to live fresh inside for three to four weeks.

Add in a few of your favourite botanicals to brighten up a room and create a sense of bringing the outdoors in! It’s a lovely way to inject freshness and a sense of “lush” to the bedroom or living room.

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Photo Credit: Forever Rose

Opt for Long Lasting

Of course, a wonderful option is to opt for “open air” Forever Roses rather than fresh! Lasting for up to three years, our “open air” Forever Roses’ are not only a symbol of beauty and romance but can be cherished int he home well beyond summer!

“Open air” Forever Roses come in a spectrum of colors from soft pastel shades to striking jet noir, all harvested from our Ecuadorian farm and shipped daily.


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