Meeting up with George A. Foster of Ethan Allen Dubai

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Last week, we have posted about Ethan Allen Dubai’s latest event where they unveiled their “New Eclecticism” collection. The event, attended by some of Dubai’s styling-savvy socialites as well the store’s customers, was telling of more surprises the Ethan Allen team has in mind. We have had an interview with George A. Foster, Design Team Manager of Ethan Allen Dubai, where we asked him about the event, Ethan Allen’s next projects and of course about some of his precious home-styling tips.

George A. Foster

George A. Foster


Thank you George for the interview! Tell me, how did the launch of the New Eclecticism go?

The launch of The New Eclecticism was fabulous! I am amazed at how well the guests received this new design concept with so much interest. We had an outstanding turn-out, from clients to real estate developers, architects, fashionistas and bloggers. Interior designers and magazine editors also joined in to see the launch of the new collection at Ethan Allen. It was an afternoon of inspiration and I was so proud to be a part of it.

What would you tell us about the New Eclecticism collection?

I can tell you that The New Eclecticism is the new revolution of design for 2014.  It is a lifestyle collection that is designed by and for the everyday living family, couple or single person.

The New Eclecticism has key pieces that help customers connect with their personality and personal design preferences. The collection is great for those who like to experiment with colors and who are not afraid of change.

Are there any interior-design myths people usually have?

Yes! They have so many and from time to time I have to deal with a lot of these myths for example:

“A room that uses all dark colours will feel depressing.” I don’t agree on this! It all depends on the how you adopt the chosen textiles into the design, artwork accents …., etc. of the room.  As you can see in a lot of magazines today, some of the  most inspiring and well designed rooms are painted with a black wall and if you choose the correct accent pieces, the room will be a piece of art.

Another dominant myth is “You have to paint your ceilings white to open up the room.” This is not always the case, as you can still create an open space by painting the ceiling the same colour as the wall. The key element will be in the floor plan and the selection of textile/s used for your sofa and chair(s) along with the drapery panels and the lighting. These items all tie in a room together.

An Ethan Allen Styled Room

An Ethan Allen Styled Room


If you can give Sans Retouches readers a couple of decorating tips, what would you tell them?

To love colour; introduce accent walls with a pop of colour.

Introduce pieces of furniture that reflect your personality. For Example choose a chair, chest, table or even a lamp that you really like and that will help bring out your personality in the room.

Do not forget the “3 way point”: In a square or rectangular room, you must have lighting on 3 corners of the room. To balance the proper lighting, combine table and floor lamps.

To remain higher: In small spaces remain higher with your window covering (drapery panels) to create the illusion of larger and taller spaces.

In three words, how do you describe Ethan Allen designs?

Cool, Timeless and Individual!

What’s your idea of a beautiful place?

My idea of a beautiful place is when you can walk into a designed space and have an understanding of the person who lives there without even having to know him/her. A beautiful place is also when you connect with each piece in your home and you can talk passionately about it. Now, that is beautiful!

When you meet new clients and they don’t have a clear idea about what they want, how do you help them figure out what they need?

I do my best to try to get to know clients on a personal level. I start by just asking them what they like and what they don’t like. Also, another way to help both of us is to include them in the design process.  I invite them to design with my team and myself in my design studio. In this way, they feel that they are a part of the process and they’d let you know what they don’t like and what they love.

An Ethan Allen Styled Room

An Ethan Allen Styled Room


Any new interesting projects for Ethan Allen Dubai?

In the magical world of Ethan Allen there is always something interesting happening. We are planning our first workshop with clients about colours trends in 2014. The workshop will teach participants how to introduce colours into a black canvas.

Also, I will be travelling to New York City to work with Ethan Allen’s team in the U.S. to design the new look for Ethan Allen Dubai for our upcoming new location that will be opened later on in 2014.

For now, Ethan Allen’s New Eclecticism will accelerate your mind and will inspire you to ‘eclectify’ your home in 2014.


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