The Come Back of Georges Sara & Co.; When Authenticity Pays off

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Since 1905, Georges Sara & Co. (GS)  has been known among Alexandrian elite and fashionistas for its well-made leather products with exquisite designs. In fact, Georges Sara made its way to the former Royal family itself in Egypt (the Mohammed Ali Dynasty) along with Egyptian movie stars especially in the 1950s. A long history of creativity, desire to bring women best of the best, public recognition and deep desire to offer its clients with designs that meet or even exceed their expectations, GS is one of the few old industries that managed to update its lines, keep up with the modern quick pace and preserve its reputation.


A nice clutch from Georges Sara “I Love Egypt” collection


Founded in 1900 by Alfred Sara, who was of Greek and Syrian origins, GS began its legacy. Alfred Sara decided to pursue his passion for design and started working on a small scale by designing and making leather wallets. The business grew more prosperous by time to the extent that Sara opened La Maison Georges Sara in Mirette Street in the heart of the ancient city (that branch is still there). According to GS main website, the factory was “the first of its kind in the whole Middle East and Africa”. GS has maintained its enchanting reputation for a while; however, people have noticed that GS designs were not widespread in Alexandrian stores like they used to. This might have been attributed to GS temporal incapability to keep pace with the new trends that have conquered the Egyptian markets and people’s various needs, or it could be attributed to a certain strategy adopted by the GS house itself.

A brown handbag from Georges Sara Fall 2011 collection

This year, GS has made renovations and loads of extreme makeover to meet the needs of the new market. It has launched many lines along with its website (to meet the new marketing trends). Way to go GS!

A bohemian chic handbag from the latest “Vintage” collection by Georges Sara


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