Meeting up with Heba Abou El Eid

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Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to a young photographer from Egypt who has not just dazzled me with her simple shots, but also with her personality and delightful spirit. I have been following Heba Abou El Eid for quite a while on Twitter, till I discovered once and out of the blues that she is into the photography field as well. From that moment and up till now, I have been a fan of her simple shots, especially her portraits that are just as simple as ever, yet vivid with beauty and life.

Heba Abou El Eid


I have had this brief interview with Heba to know more about her;

Tell me all about yourself.

I’m Heba Abou El Eid, 20 years old. I am a senior at Alsun– Ain Shams University. I also work as an IGCSE English language teacher’s assistant with a growing passion for photography. I use my camera as an eye to capture my other interests including; traveling, fashion and aesthetics.

What made you decide that you want to be a photographer?

It was during a certain period of my life when I was trying to figure out who I am and what genuinely makes me happy. Photography has always been an amazing means for unwinding and making things all better when the going gets rough.

How did you manage to develop yourself as a photographer? 

Hmmm…. constructive criticism, being familiar with the photography scene in Egypt, reading, experimenting and taking chances. However, I think that you can never fully develop as a photographer, as there as so many things to learn, understand and bring to life.

Simply, I love your portraits. In your opinion, what does it take to have a great portrait?

When you’re able to convey those specific emotions and feelings that are present while capturing the photo; this, in my opinion, is when you are able to go beyond the picture itself.

Are there any subjects that you want to capture through your shots? 

The soul and the beauty of whatever and whoever is in front of the camera.

Who are your favorite photographers whether locally or internationally?

Annie Leibovitz for sure, Amsel Adams whose black and white photographs are the best ever! I am also a big fan of both Richard Avedon and Steve Meisel.

Your biggest dream? 

Go to grad school in NYC, earn a degree in photography and work as a professional fashion photographer (Fingers crossed!)

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