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Alexandria is not just a beautiful city, but it’s been known throughout history with her aspiring and well renowned artists and designers. I don’t get surprised when I stumble upon an artist, designer or even a photographer from Alexandria. On the contrary, I feel proud and wonder about other creative people out there and whom I have not met yet. Hossam Horus is one of those talented Alexandrians who dazzled me lately with his exquisite shots.

Hossam Horus

What surprised me the most when I knew about Hossam is his age. I just could not grasp the idea of a professional young photographer who is just 18 years old. Hossam’s shots are not what you can call “commercial” yet they are casually artistic that many people can relate to them. This, for me, is somewhat hard to find among those zillions of newbie photographers that pop out every single day in the photographic arena in Egypt and who would rather care more about fame, having more fans and making more money on the expense of creating real art.

Tell me Hossam all about yourself.
I’m Hossam Horus, 18 years old from Alexandria. Right now, I am a high school senior.  I started my photography adventure three years ago with Kodak Digital Camera (C140). For me, photography is a means to express myself. Through it, I can reflect my character and focus on what I want the world to see.

Is photography just a passion or are you aiming to take it seriously and make it your career in the future?
I am in love with my camera; it catches what my eyes cannot see…… As for career, I believe in the quote that says “Turn your hobby into your Job”. Only then you can spend more time in it. And, it’s not only about money when you do what you love. Because, when you are passionate about your hobby, you will be efficient at your job.

How did you learn photography?

About 3 years ago, I attended my first meeting ever in Adasa Photography club and I was thrilled about it. Since they are all professionals, they taught me the basics of photography. Then I started developing my skills through learning form books, internet and other sources.  By time I got the chance of knowing well known photographers from all over the world like Herman Cater.

Were your family and friends supportive?

Well, they gave me the full support. Some of them acted as models or assistants. Of course, I have to give them all the credit of helping me become who I am today.

How do you aim to develop yourself as a photographer?

I am focusing now on two subjects of photography; macro photography and modeling. So I am planning to meet more professionals in those two fields and I am trying to gain more experience and knowledge about those techniques.

What challenges do you usually face as a young photographer?
People usually don’t believe that it is really my work and they are always surprised about how I managed to reach this level of professionalism at this age.

Finally, your biggest dream?

To be a member of “National Geographic” photographers team.


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Noha Rahhal

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  1. mahmoud naser

    May 31, 2012 at 9:58 am

    nice photo hors w rbna ywf2k

  2. Abdelrhman

    May 31, 2012 at 10:50 am

    like 😉

  3. Sherif Al-Qallawi

    May 31, 2012 at 11:36 am

    I am very PROUD of you my dear brother , Go on and achieve your dreams 😉

  4. Ahmen Najeeb

    May 31, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    HORUS is one of my favorite photographer , although he is very young but I’m learning a lot about photography from him 🙂
    Keep it up Hossam , you will be a great Photographer in the Future 😉

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