The Hottest Trends for Fall/Winter 2014/2015

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The Hottest Trends for Fall/Winter 2014/2015. Since Summer is almost over, most ladies worldwide set their eyes on Fall trends to plan their shopping sprees. This year, there are a wide array of trends that would appeal to so many women of various ages and tastes; which might make you feel a bit lost as to what you should wear or even try. As a rule of thumb, you have to identify the kind of woman you want others to see. Whether you would like to appear as a wild girl covered in military khaki, the innocent girl next door who would look elegantly casual in sportswear, or as a mix of different stylish personalities, it is YOUR call.

Here are some of the hottest trends for Fall/Winter 2014/2015:

Animal Prints

Whether it is leopard prints, snakeskin or zebra patterns, it is time to unleash the wild side in you. No matter how many people look down on animal prints, designers have certainly upped our standards with elegant ensembles, jackets and even short dresses.

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For an effortless chic feel, throw on a dramatic cape and walk like a queen. Capes are the new must-have items for this season. They come in all shades of colors and styles, so that you can choose freely what suits you best.

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Retro Chic

This season is filled with inspirations from the 1950s & 1960s. With baby doll skirts, midi dresses and femininely fierce silhouettes, this season is the perfect timing for making a retro statement.

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Feathers, Fringes & Trims

Most of the time, fall outfits can get strictly dull, especially with the dark colors and military-inspired cuts. However, designers have decided to smartly embellish their pieces with high-end materials, such as feathers, fringes and trims.

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Sorry, PETA, but fur is one of the hottest trends for this season. What makes this trend even more interesting is that designers have taken a wilder take on it. The crazier, the better! However, we really recommend if you invest in a classic fur coat that would be a timeless staple in your closet for upcoming Fall/Winter seasons.

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We all know that khaki is one of those timeless trends, but it has presented itself strongly on the catwalk. Whether it has been employed as a mere accessory, a casual camouflage dress, or a regal military coat, be sure to include a piece on your next shopping spree.

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Oversized Cuts

This trend has been going on for several successive seasons. With every show, creativity grows more and more. Whether it is an oversized collar embellishing a massive coat, or a loose-fit pair of pants, be prepared to play with androgyny a little bit.

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Since oversized cuts are on the radar, it does not mean that you forget about your own sensuality. Have a pair of see-through tops in your wardrobe and enfold them with an enigmatic oversized coat for a dramatic effect.

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Let It Shimmer!

A very funky trend that is reminiscent of the Disco era. Give your outfits a little touch of hip with a luminous coat or a shirt dress. But, beware! You don’t want to take this trend too far. Remember to keep it minimal.

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With Chanel’s memorable Supermarket, it became quite obvious that there is no shame with sporting casual clothes or accessories and still look good.

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Tailored Suits

If you are not a fan of oversized coats or ensembles, then you might need to head to your tailor and get yourself a nice suit.

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Urban Nomad

With lots of ponchos, tribal prints and nature-inspired patterns, nomadism seems to be the hippie-chic style to rock this Fall/Winter.

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Who would have guessed that velvet would be the new IT fabric? With designers, such as Elie Saab, who have employed what seems to be a heavy fabric in their haute couture collections; velvet has defied all the fashion stereotypes.

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