How I Spend Less Money on Makeup

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If you happen to live in Egypt or anywhere around the world where Inflation is at its highest peak, prices going crazy and salaries seem to be failing to catch up, chances are you’re probably complaining about how to spend less money. Of course, that can be challenging especially if you want to keep on a certain lifestyle while not breaking your bank account. Well, I have been having the same dilemma, but I have recently started with looking into my own spending habits and decided to do something about them. As a Fashion & Beauty blogger, a large portion of my income goes into buying makeup and skincare products. So, crossing off such items of my shopping list is a No No for me. However, there is always a way around.

I have tried to automatically develop a mechanism that would keep my beauty routine stylish while giving me the chance to save some money. Whether it is discovering a new drug-store product that I stumble upon, a new technique that I decide to adopt, I am sharing some tips on how you can spend less money on makeup;

Downgrade Your Makeup Brushes Brands

Personally, I’ve always been raving about MAC Makeup Brushes. Well, they are great and very handy, BUT you would pay now almost a couple of thousands of pounds just to have a handful of brushes. However, makeup brands such as Flormar and ArtDeco have some reasonably good brushes. For instance, I have been using Flormar angled blush brush for contouring, and it has been doing the job efficiently. Just head to the nearest Flormar shop, ArtDeco booth in any beauty store, or ask the salesperson for some economic makeup brushes, and try not to be allured by all those shapes. Remember that you need only basic stuff for a functional beauty bag. A face brush for powders, a blushing brush and an eye-shadow brush are your staples. Don’t take it far!

Be Flexible with Lip Colors

Lipsticks and lip-glosses are among the top favorite products for many girls. I have seen dozens of my friends who have full drawers solely dedicated to their lipsticks, lip-liners and lip-glosses. When it comes to my routine, I only have three lipsticks; hot pink, jungle red and ruby to suit my different moods.

But, what I really invest in is lip-liners, for two main reasons; they are much more affordable than lipsticks especially if you prefer high-end brands, and they come in dozens of colors so you can experiment as much as you want without spending fortunes. Flormar lip-liners have been my besties for quite a long time. They come in dozens of colors, they are usually under 100 EGP for each, and they are very user-friendly. It’s usually known that liners can be dry, but you can either apply a base-coat of lip balm or heat up the tip of the pencil with a matchstick, apply it after cooling down and it would have a smooth-silky effect that will cover your lips giving it a vibrant color.

Forget about Palettes

Remember how many palettes you have bought throughout the years and you only got to consume only two or three shades of the whole thing? I think you got your answer by now. I, too, have been spending so much on eye-shadow palettes, and regretted it later on. Point is if you’ve been using makeup for quite a long time, you know by now which colors work for you. Buy them individually and use them at your own leisure. Not only you will pay less, but the individual amounts will be much more than the swap kinda quantity you’d get in a whole palette. If you are more on the artsy side and like to mix & match different colors, ask any salesperson in a beauty store to help you create your own palette with your own preferred shades. That is a very smart way to be sure that you’d be using what you’re getting.

No Need for Fancy Makeup Brushes Cleansers

Makeup Brush

I know I was raving before about MAC Brush Cleanser, but that was back in 2013 long before the maniac USD-EGP exchange rate when I was able to afford paying hundreds of pounds on a single cleanser bottle that would last for 6 months. Luckily, I discovered a good alternative; baby shampoo! I usually use Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to cleanse my brushes and I swear by the results; super clean brushes that dry off in a couple of hours with an amazing soft smell.

Fridges Ain’t Just for Food

Hot summer weather can have some awful effects on makeup formulas, especially cream-based products such as foundations, lip balms and lip liners. Celebrity Makeup Artist Soraya Shawky has once shared a photo of her fridge with all bottles of foundations lined up inside. Since then, I have been following the ritual and it has been working. My foundation, for example, would last for more than its normal shelf life.

Spices Souqs Are the Place to Be In

Internet is filled with tutorials on how to make facial masks, get rid of zits, grow thicker hair…, etc, out of natural ingredients. Personally, I find some of them quite good, but I like to refer back to my family members who know some of the most exotic ingredients that you can only find in Spices Souqs (Attar Shops) across Egypt to stay glossy. Recently, I have been using alum mixed with Musk for getting rid of body odor in the underarms area and it has been working MAGIC. What is more awesome about this discovery is that it costs me a very small fraction of what I would usually spend on lotions or deodorants. The same goes for Shea butter as an alternative for body lotions, castor oil for thicker brows & hair, Moroccan clay for body scrubs…, etc. What matters is you need to head to the nearest Attar, look into the shelves, ask for recipes and get a little bit on the adventurous side.

Invest in Your Skincare Routine

Whether you like it or not, a healthy skin does not just help you have cleaner makeup looks, but it saves you a lot of troubles. Having a pimple or a zit is not only socially awkward, but it can force you into buying ointments, more skin care products or even force you to unwanted visits to the nearest dermatologist. Point is having an unhealthy skin is just adding to your spend list. That is why you need to invest in having glowing skin. You can read all about my tips and tricks to having clear & glowing skin here.

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