Favorite Product of the Week: Johnson’s Baby Oil

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Favorite Product of the Week: Johnsons Baby Oil! First off, I have a confession to make. I have really dry bodyskin! It is my main body insecurity which reaches its peak during Winter. Not only have I tried a whole set of different body lotions, butters and even masks just to feel soft, but  I also have to deal with the consequences of having a dry skin. Ingrown hair, frizzy effect after applying whatever lotion or body butter, and of course the stron odour which sticks to my clothes…., etc. It’s been a lon journey, till I read an interview for Vera Wang who was asked about her beauty secrets, and she casually mentioned applying baby oil right after her daily showers. So, I had a sort of “Aha” moment and figured that maybe I was going too harsh on my skin.

Johnsons Baby Oil

Johnsons Baby Oil

From that moment on, I toned down my beauty routine and tried Johnson’s Baby Oil. Till now, I have NOT been disappointed AT ALL. On the contrary, I have been impressed by how a very affordable drug-store product can beat overpriced and ridiculously overrated body lotions and butters by supposedly high-end brands.

The secret to using Johnson’s Baby Oil (I have been usin Johnson’s because it is almost in EVERY drug-store in Egypt) is applying it just after you get out of shower. Just dry off your body with a nice soft towel, and rub your body with Johnson’s Baby Oil. It’s just a matter of hours till you feel like having silky skin that smells nice without being too overwhelming in terms of greasiness or odour. It is all because when you have a shower, your skin is automatically moist with all the water it absorbs. So, when you top your skin with oil, it helps keeps this moist in.

As for Johnson’s, there is a whole range of different fragrances. Personally, I prefer the Fresh Blossoms, but you can pick your own favorite.

If you have tried Johnson’s Baby Oil before, share with me your opinions in the Comments section below or even tweet me through @Sans_Retouches!

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Noha Rahhal

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1 Comment

  1. Ingy hafez

    May 3, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    I totally agree. I have been using baby oil after showers as well and i think, by far, it is one of the best products with the best results that i have tried. I have also read that if you use it on wet skin it kind of gives you even more moisturising effect and i think it is true. So try that and let me know. 🙂

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