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Aennis Eunis is a celebrated leather products brand in the Arab World, especially the Gulf region initiated and owned by Anas Younis Shanaah, a Jordanian designer who studied Architecture in his homeland, but took off to Italy to have a fashion-related career. In Italy, Younis was introduced to leather works and got to see practice fashion in real life. After his stay in Italy, he went to New York to have an academic base for his expertise that he gained in Italy.

Jordanian Designer Aennis Eunis

The Creative Mind behind Aennis Eunis

In 2009, Younis started off his own brand under the name of “Aennis Eunis” and since that time, his designs gained popularity among Arab fashionistas who are daring enough to stand out of the crowd.

I have also found some gorgeous designs from his SS12 Collection;


Brief Bag in Nude by Aennis Eunis


Jordanian Designer Aennis Eunis

Tasseled in Red by Aennis Eunis

Curious by Aennis Eunis


Jordanian Designer Aennis Eunis

Sassy by Aennis Eunis



Spoiled by Aennis Eunis


Timid by Aennis Eunis

Gorgeous, right?

Visit Aennis Eunis Fan Page on Facebook to have a look at some hot designs:


Will bring you some cool designers soon, stay tuned 😉


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