You Be the Judge: Yasmin Raeis on Bassem Youssef’s Al Bernameg!

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On Friday, we have posted a photo of Egyptian rising star Yasmin Raeis who appeared on Bassem Youssef’s Al Bernameg to talk about her role in Mohamed Khan’s latest “Factory Girl”, on our Social Media channels. The young beauty, who is known for her constant play with androgyny, has appeared in a tux by Nada Akram and a daring bow tie by Sabry Maarouf.

Yasmin Raeis & Mohamed Khan

Yasmin Raeis & Mohamed Khan


We have asked our readers and fans to speak up and tell us what they really think of Yasmin’s look in general, and here is a bit of what we got;

“Not a big fan! I would understand this hairdo on more loose fitted attire. This just looks tortured; with bow tie, high hairdo, high collar, and shoulder pads. “ — Amr El-Shawarby (Egypt)

“I don’t necessarily like it, but it’s still refreshing to see an Egyptian actress being unique and doing her own thing and having her own style. She still looks pretty and feminine without the long layered locks and those glossy gowns that most actresses are sporting nowadays. Can’t wait for her style to evolve even more; like showing her individual style without trying too hard to shock people.” — Lamia Ghoneim (Egypt)

“Terrible!” — Ayten Ouf (Egypt)

Yasmin Raeis on Bassem Youssef's Show

Yasmin Raeis on Bassem Youssef’s Show


Those were some of the comments we’ve received. Thanks to all the people who have joined the discussion. If you want to share with us your opinions, drop by our Facebook page. It’d be great to hear from you!

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