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Despite the growing number of photographers in Alexandria, Karim Tawfik is one of those few passionate and creative self taught photographers who gained appreciation from the public in no time due to his out of the box shots taken with care and high attention to details. After creating his fan page on Facebook in February 2009, under the name of “Eyes Never Lie”, Karim brought about a new sense to the photography field in Alexandria and inspired other young people to follow their hearts and adopt photography not only as a hobby but also as a profession.

A photo of Karim Tawfik, the young man behind “Eyes Never Lie” (shot by Butheina Shalan)


We had this brief interview with Karim Tawfik to get to know more about him, “Eyes Never Lie” and his updates.

You are a self-taught photographer, tell me was it hard for you to grasp all the secrets of photography to support your talent and develop yourself? 

Well, it wasn’t difficult. But, it surely needed persistence; at the beginning, I used to spend about 4 to 7 hours on a daily basis  on Youtube and Google to learn photography, check out photos shot by professional photographers, read reviews, know about cameras and lenses….etc.

What prizes have you won before? 

I got the first prize at Sino Photography Exhibition and the  second prize with Lighthouse Rotaract in an Aids Campaign Held by UN.

Who is your favorite photographer of all time?

Ryan Brenizer

What inspires you?

My love is my biggest inspiration 🙂

Tell me more about the photography courses you provide? Are people eager to attend such courses especially that there is a huge trend in Egypt of people pursuing photography as a hobby or as a profession?

I conducted once a photography course for almost 50 people of both sexes. Most of the attendees were very talented. The course usually extends for almost 12 hours. Session are done both outdoors and indoors. During the sessions, participants get to know more  about how to handle cameras, editing pictures, triangle of exposure and the like notions.

For young photographers who have just discovered their passion for photography, what tips can you offer them?

A young photographer  should go anywhere with his/her camera. S/he should also have a good lens and capture any thing that captures his/her attention. Also, the internet can be a very helpful tool for newbie photographers. Through it, they can learn a great deal of stuff and keep themselves updated.

Your favorite image and the story behind it?

Well, I am always in love with those photos capturing nature, because nature is so pure and simple.

What are your most recent updates?

I have just launched the custom photo competition and receiving shots from all kinds of people.


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  1. Karim tawfik

    December 14, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Its Apleasure To be with u guys 🙂

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    Karem is the best

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    December 15, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Wish u all luck K.
    U deserve the best always <3 🙂

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