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Today, I am bringing you an interview with a very creative designer whose works were spotted on many Arab divas and fashionistas, such as Queen Rania, Rina Chibany and many other beautiful women. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Krikor Jabotian, a young talented couturier from Lebanon who has entered the world of fashion at a very young age when he decided to join l’Ecole Superieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode in Beirut. Right after his graduation, he joined Elie Saab Fashion House where he worked for only seven months. His experience at such a reputable place helped Krikor learn new things and discover more techniques to which he was “reluctant” to. “Embroidery for example, is something I learned to love,” Krikor said while explaining how such an experience helped enrich his repertoire.

In 2008, Krikor released his debut collection in Dubai during “Splash Emerging Talent” competition where he was chosen among the top three Middle Eastern designers of the year. Since that time, Krikor has released beautiful collections which gained him a lot of acclaim. His designs are simply fit for a princess; rich fabrics, unique cuts and beautiful detailed embroidery.

Krikor Jabotian (Photo by: By Tanya Traboulsi)


I’ve had the chance to interview Krikor to know more about him, his latest collection and future plans;

Thank you Krikor for this interview! Tell me, when was it that you first discovered your passion for fashion?

There was no defining moment. I was inclined to the arts from a young age. My family wasn’t sure if I’d be a painter, a sculptor, a jewelry designer… but they knew I had a sense of aesthetics and an eye for detail.

What made you decide that you want to start off on your own?

I believe it’s always important to start somewhere and develop your skills and ideas. But there a comes a time when you’re ready to step out and execute your own vision, especially when it’s almost palpable, which was the case with me.

Do you remember your very first client?

It was my very first collection. She was a beautiful person that I liked right away. She bought the piece on the spot, for a price that was my salary at the time. I loved how spontaneously it happened. It was a queue de pie masculine jacket that she wore so well.

What’s contributed most to the success of your line?

The fact that I’m always up for experimenting, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and not stagnating.

When you want to make something that’s modern and exciting, how do you also make sure that it’s comprehensible to a larger audience?

I draw inspiration from the modern, the classic, the minimal, and the conceptual… Different kinds of women relate to my work due to the fact that it’s has different dimensions, with a unanimous spirit of course.

What inspired your latest collection, ”Chapter One”?

This year marked several conquests for me, on a personal level and as a designer. White, the most dominant color in this collection signifies a new chapter, thus the name of the collection—Chapter One.

What do you love most about fashion?

There are no limits!

Do you have a favorite piece from it?

The off white gazar jacket, embroidered with three-dimensional gold ornaments.

Who’s your style icon?

Anna Piaggi

Do you have favored celebrities to dress?

A customized black piece for Diane Pernet

Finally, What are you working on at the moment?

My spring summer couture looks!

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