Hayatouki Interviews Jewelry Designer Lama Hourani

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Lama Hourani is one of the few Jordanian Jewelry designers who made it to worldwide acclaim with her unique pieces, dedication to work and true originality. We, at Hayatouki, have had the pleasure to interview Lama to know more about her work, inspirations, and future plans (Click here for Arabic version).

Lama Hourani

Lama Hourani


Who is Lama Hourani?  Tell us more about yourself…

I am an artist at heart; fascinated with ancient civilizations, contemporary art, architecture and a fanatic traveler.

According to you, what makes your jewelry line stand out from the rest of local designer creations?

Because of the rich process; behind each jewelry piece, there is a story that extends from the very beginning of the inspiration process where there is a spot in the world that triggered that particular design. My mood board often consists of various photographs that were captured during my trips around the world. The creative process begins with sketching components of Master Pieces & Limited Editions bringing bits and pieces of my most loved moments into my jewelry. These are then given to our very talented artisans who bring those on-paper designs to life with extra attention to detail. After the components are ready, they are taken to the assembly section where they are fused with handpicked semi-precious stones according to the color palette chosen for that collection. Then, the assembled pieces enter the last phase of production which is quality control and voila! The Master piece is displayed at my store which is designed to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for clients coming from different parts of the world. This definitely distinguishes us from others, since we live in a mass produced world.

By Lama Hourani

By Lama Hourani


You come from an artistic family, how has that affected your passion and personality while growing up? 

I definitely developed an eye for art since my parents founded the first private art gallery in Amman back in 1990; I was very fortunate to meet prominent artists from the region and was raised in a culturally-rich environment. My parents were very keen on developing my artistic sense at a very young age and taught me the power of perseverance and hard work!

You’ve been designing unique jewelry for more than a decade, what lessons could you share and pass on to young Arab talents?

Believe in yourself, dream big & work hard. Yet most importantly stay consistent and coherent with who you are.

By Lama Hourani

By Lama Hourani


Who is the person that influences you the most?

My idols alter with time. My dream board expands & gets bolder as years pass by; yet my biggest inspiration are normal people with beautiful stories to tell.

This year’s inspirational person is Mr. Yen, the creator of the Propaganda Poster Museum which documents the political change in China through poster-art for the past Six decades. He’s a humble man with a big vision.

Do you have a special celebrity that you would like to design jewelry for?

Irish artist Daphne Guinness & Canadian actor Ryan Gosling!

By Lama Hourani

By Lama Hourani


When you wish to take a break, where is your favorite destination to disconnect and relax?

Formentera- Spain

Where can our readers find your jewelry? (stores and online boutiques)

You can find my jewelry on my websiteminalsama.com, Ihdeeny.com, TresChix Boutique in New York , Luzio in Barcelona, S*uce, Boom & Mellow in Dubai (UAE) in addition to several art galleries around the Arab world.

Tell us about your future plans; new projects, store openings…, etc.

I’m preparing for trunk shows in Shanghai, NYC, Bahrain and Qatar.

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