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Just like many women, I am a jewelry fanatic. For I believe that every piece of jewelry conveys something about the woman wearing it. Whether you like to play it safe, classic or make a statement, the jewelry pieces you wear reveal all about you. When it comes to what I like, I am a big fan of making a bold, yet beautiful statements. Lama Hourani Jewelry is all about beautiful bold statements.

Lama Hourani


I knew about Lama Hourani through Facebook, as usual. Finding a young Arab designer who has her own brand name with a different approach in design is something that I seldom find nowadays. Not only does Lama keep on her unique touch, but she also studied Jewelry Design and got degrees in it which gives her more credit as a knowledgeable and passionate designer. I have seen so many designers, but only a few spend time, money and effort in knowing more about the science of jewelry design. Lama studied Fine Arts at university. Then, she got two diplomas in Jewelry Design and Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. She also got a Master’s degree in Product Design from Istituto Marangoni, Milano- Italy.

Lama Hourani Jewelry

Bound By Gravity Cuff by Lama Hourani


Lama’s designs, inspired from multiple cultures, bring together modernism along with tradition. Influenced by her Jordanian heritage and her long visits to Milano, Bangkok and Barcelona, Lama draws her inspiration from all of those rich experiences using simple materials with bold designs to produce beautiful works of art.

Here are other designs by Lama;

Lama Hourani Jewelry

Fully Blossomed Tree Brooch by Lama Hourani


Lama Hourani Jewelry

Hand made sterling silver Dome-shaped 3D ring set with dangling 21K yellow gold-plated cave animal by Lama Hourani


Lama Hourani Jewelry

Heavenly Tree Earrings by Lama Hourani


Lama Hourani Jewelry

White Knot Ring by Lama Hourani


Those were my favorite picks, I am sure you will find other gorgeous pieces whether on Lama’s Facebook Page or Website.


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