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Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to one of the savviest UAE-based makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Not only has she worked her magic on big time celebrities, such as Hend Sabry, Kenda Alloush and Jean Claude Van Damme, but she is also considered an expert in bridal makeup. Throughout her 6 years of being in a very competitive field, Lina of LinasaMakeup always succeeds to raise the bars higher and higher with her charming makeup touches and sincere beauty tips which remain unbiased with all the Marketing craze roaming all over the web nowadays.

We have had the pleasure to meet up with Lina who has given us insights on her daily beauty routine and some of her tips for women who want to look their best!

Lina of LinasMakeup Working Her Magic

Lina of LinasMakeup Working Her Magic


Thank you Lina for this interview! Tell us, how did you get started as a makeup artist?

Once you realize what you are meant to do, all of the pieces of the puzzle fall together. You no longer have to search for opportunities; opportunities start to come to you. Call it fate – the day after I graduated from the makeup program, I landed a job as a beauty consultant. Then, I started freelancing with a very small kit and advertised through friends. I printed my own business cards at home, and before I knew it, I was getting calls to do weddings, engagements, events and small movies. From face painting to special effects makeup, I’ve done it all. I was in Canada for two years then moved to Abu Dhabi, and the cycle continued. From one client to another, word spread like wildfire and the rest is history. With time, I found what I really loved to do (bridal makeup) and have been upgrading my image to bring my clients only the best in professional wedding makeup.

If you could choose another profession, what would you be doing?

I never chose my profession. It chose me.

Who has been your favorite celebrity client or photo shoot to work on?

Hend Sabry is by far my favorite celebrity client. I did her makeup only once, and saw how beautiful she really was. What an amazing woman! I’m exclusive with Saudi presenter Nadine AlBdair. I find her so smart, outspoken, and she’s a woman who raises the bar for Middle Eastern women. I love working with her.

Is there any celebrity out there whom you want to do his/her makeup?

I always pick Charlize Theron. She’s just so stunning and simple. But to be honest, I care more about the laywoman than celebrities. Celebrities give you exposure and increase your appeal as an artist. But the normal woman who has a 9-5 job with kids and a husband is much more interesting to me.

By LinasMakeup

By LinasMakeup


What are the top 5 beauty products a girl should be on the lookout for in 2014?

I’m a classic girl. I like things to be basic and simple, because when things are at a minimum, you are able to add on anything you want. So I don’t really follow trends, and I almost never advice women to go out and buy the latest product, unless I believe in it 100%. Every girl, no matter what year or season it is, needs to have a proper foundation, a set of professional brushes, a mascara that brightens up her eyes, a tube of nude and a tube of red lipsticks, a black liquid eye liner, eye pencils, a set of lashes, and a blush that makes her glow. A nude palette of eye shadows like the Naked palette is a must – and a self-tanner can’t hurt either!

You’re an expert in bridal makeup. What tips can you give women before their big day?

Sleep well. Drink lots of water, and hydrate your skin more than you normally would. Nuxe Dry Oil is great – rub it into your skin before bed for at least one week before your wedding. Take Omega 3 pills regularly, because oils hydrate the skin from the inside. Exfoliate your skin and use cleansers that are not harsh. If the skin is the least bit dry or dehydrated, it will show in the makeup – you will see lines and cracks as your wedding wears on. And probably most importantly, make sure you know what look and feel you want for your wedding day so it’s easier for the makeup artist to work.  Do a trial beforehand, and finally relax and trust your artist!

What makeup trends are you looking forward to the most?

I love all trends! New trends are old ones with a twist. The Smokey Eye is still in, and will probably never go out of style. There’s a more retro feel to it this year though, with lots of jewel tones and bolder lines. Eye liner was always big, and keeps getting bigger, bolder and more creative this year, so I’m loving that. Thicker and longer brows are in – so I’m growing out mine!

What is your beauty routine?

Cleanse, moisturize, and pamper myself once in a while (I exfoliate and use a mask). Sometimes I get a facial – Suki is my current favorite. I only use a toner if I had been wearing a lot of makeup, to get rid of the excess. I moisturize in the daytime with Olay and at night with La Mer or Nuxe Dry oil. I exfoliate with Neostrata Crystal system, which you can only find abroad once a week. I love the masks from Lush. If I don’t have any, I use my own mixture of honey and milk and leave it on for as long as possible. It really plumps the skin, gently exfoliates, and heals blemishes! I can’t live without massages (once a month), and bubble baths. Finally a mixture of hair oils and henna to keep my hair long and healthy. I just love natural beauty regimens!

If there is one beauty product you can’t live without, what would it be?

Foundation. It’s the one thing that makes me look bright & awake.

What is “Beauty” to you?

Beauty is simplicity. It’s knowing yourself and feeling so much love in your heart that it radiates in your eyes and in your smile. Having fun, laughing, feeling grateful and being humble. A life lived with purpose, compassion, and feeling connected to every being. Seeking truth and growth. Everything else is extra. Aesthetically, beauty is a balance of color, shape, and space. Every piece of art must make you feel something – provoke you and move you on a very, very deep level – or else it cannot be called art. When I do makeup, and specifically a bride, I have to get to that stage in order for me to know that I’ve succeeded. Otherwise, I’ve wasted my time.

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