The Secret to Long Lasting Makeup

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For Egyptians, summer is the official Mating Season. You cannot skip any summer vacation without getting an invitation or two to a celebration of some sort. If you’re popular enough, you’d get plenty of invitations that will keep you busy for so long. Despite the unbearably hot weather, many people decide to have their weddings or even engagement parties outdoors; something that is totally hectic for everyone especially women who have to bear with layers of fabrics and makeup.

Last month, I attended my best friend’s morning wedding to which I wore subtle yet dramatic makeup that lasted for hours regardless of the humidity. I still remember that I got many compliments regarding my look, in addition to the curious questions about the secret behind having long lasting makeup.

So, here are some worthy secrets to get long lasting makeup look;



Keeping your skin moist is key to making your makeup stay for hours. Moisturizers smooth your skin and prepare it for other heavy products, such as foundation, concealer.., etc. There is a big misconception about the non-necessity of moisturizing creams when dealing with oily skin, but what you may not know is that there is a moisturizing cream for every skin type out there. You just need to know your skin type, so that you can determine what to look for.



Before you start applying your foundation, remember to use a good-quality primer. There are dozens of primers out there to match every woman’s specific need. Personally, I use the Prep + Prime Fix+ from MAC Cosmetics. It is very light to apply and leaves no shiny effect. You can check other primers here or here.



I am not really sure why powders are so unpopular among many girls I know. I usually get the “I use a good liquid foundation,” response. What many people there do not know is that a good liquid or cream foundation needs a good-quality powder to cover it, not just to lessen the shiny effect a foundation might have, but powders naturally prevent your concealer and foundation from getting smudged away either through your hands or anything else. Your ideal powder depends on what kind of coverage you are looking for. I prefer the Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Compact Powder, but you pick your own perfect match here.



Most Egyptian women I know prefer shiny glosses to matte lipsticks. However, what they might not know is that lip glosses, unless they are marketed for being long-lasting, fade or get smudged away as they have less durability than lipsticks. For perfect lips that would stay on for hours, I start by applying a layer of compact powder, line my lips with a lip-liner which I use later to fill in my lips completely, and finally apply one coat of matte lipstick. Just remember not to use any glosses!



Eye Shadow Base (Primer)

Just like you use a face primer to smooth your foundation, powder and the rest of products you apply to your face, a good eye shadow primer is essential to keeping your eye makeup in place. When you use a primer or base for your eyes, you will not risk having any creases in your eye-shadow and would guarantee an airbrushed look. You can check eye primers here or here.

Eye Shadow Base Primer

Waterproof Kohl

Whether you have sensitive tear ducts or have a constant urge to rub your eyes, you need waterproof products that would last for hours. Personally, I use Flormar Black Waterproof Kohl. But, one trick that I have learnt to make Kohl stay longer is by torching the tip of a kohl pencil. Huff the tip a little bit and try it on your own hands. If it feels alright, you can apply it to your tear line. You can find waterproof kohl pencils here.


Waterproof Eyeliner

There is a growing hype for cat-eye and other eyeliner inspiration. Thus, having waterproof eyeliner is out of question. Just remember that you have to choose the right formula which you can feel comfortable applying while bearing in mind that whatever product you may choose is waterproof. You can shop waterproof eyeliners here.

Cat Eye Liner

Water-Resistant Mascara

You can consider water-resistant mascaras your new best friend, not just during weddings but also all the way through your daily routine. We all know how alluring it is to rub off your eyes every now and then, and thus the need for resistant mascaras that can withstand humidity, tears or whatever it is that life may throw at you. You can find high-quality water-proof mascaras here.


Finish Off


This is by far my latest makeup discovery. If you remember my latest Urban Decay De Slick Spray review, then you will have an idea about why I’m obsessed with setting sprays that can literally preserve your makeup for hours. You can shop setting sprays here.

De Slick Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay


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