Lumitrix Is Now Live in the UAE!

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Lumitrix Is Now Live in the UAE! For photography maniacs out there, you’d be more than excited to know that Lumitrix is now available in the UAE. For those of you who are not familiar yet with the name, Lumitrix is an online gallery offering the best in affordable photography.

Founded in 2013, Lumitrix mainly aims to provide a unique platform for photographers and consumers.

I want Lumitrix to be a bridge, linking people who are interested in photography yet unable to afford gallery print prices with an array of beautiful and unusual images. Our customers are sophisticated, interested in art, and have their own aesthetic. They want something beautiful on their walls – but they don’t want to blow the budget.

Cara Connell, Founder and CEO

The website is meant to be more of a creative hub where buys get in touch with photographers. In addition, customers get to know how they can employ photographers’ works in their surroundings via seeing how other clients showcase artworks in their stylish homes.

The list of photographers include some of the world’s most renowned names, such as Steve Back, Holly Wilmeth, Camilla Stoddart…., etc. To view full range of images along with photographers, visit

Bondi White Frame Available on

Bondi White Frame Available on



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