Malak El Ezzawy; A Young Egyptian Trendsetter

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In just 3 years, Malak El Ezzawy has succeeded in positioning herself as one of the few leading female Fashion designers in Egypt. Since 2008, El Ezzawy has created her own line, impressive fashion shows in Egypt and the Middle East and established her own store in Cairo that has grabbed many of the Socialites and celebrities  in Egypt.

Malak El Ezzawy at the end of her Fashion Show in Dubai Fashion Week (2011)


El Ezzawy graduated from the American University in Cairo with a major in Business Administration. After graduation, she got a degree in Fashion Designing from Istituto Marangoni in Paris.

From Malak El Ezzawy’s Spring/Summer 2011 “Timeless Romance” Collection


After she got her degree from France, El Ezzawy launched her debut collection in Cairo with great media coverage and the presence of members of the Egyptian elite. Since then, she has dressed a number of Egyptian celebrities on several occasions.

Zeina, an Egyptian actress, wearing an evening gown from Malak El Ezzawy’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection


Every year, Malak El Ezzawy launches two full evening gowns collections that always get praised by Fashion critics, editors and the public for their elegance and subtleness.

From Malak El Ezzawy’s Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Collection


From Malak El Ezzawy’s Fall/Winter 2011 Femme Royale II Collection


El Ezzawy also launches her limited collections with different creative ideas, usually under a distinctive theme or a noble message (as her Masr El Mahrousa or “Egypt” collection).


From El Mahroosa Collection by Malak El Ezzawy


From Malak El Ezzawy’s “Big Bow Theory” Limited Collection


With a series of successes and persistent desire to come up every year with unique collections that are characterized by femininity, softness and boldness at the same time, it is hard not to expect more from Malak El Ezzawy who, among other aspiring Egyptian designers, aim to draw the world’s attention to Egypt not just as a historic place but as a center of fashion industry.

From Malak El Ezzawy’s Fashion Show in Dubai Fashion Week (2011)

Keep it up Malak!


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