Meeting up with Egyptian Makeup Artist Mariam Wahid

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Alexandria is one of those few places where word of mouth works magic. Seriously, it does! Whether you’re looking for a savvy photographer, a skillful tailor or even a talented makeup artist, you can just ask “around” and you can easily know what you want. Mariam Wahid is certainly one of those few names that pop up during any bridal arrangements conversation. She has certainly positioned herself as one of the “go-to” artists at any special ceremony or posh event in Alexandria.

We have had the chance to meet up with Mariam to know more about her and some of her beauty secrets.

Egyptian Makeup Artist Mariam Wahid

Egyptian Makeup Artist Mariam Wahid


When and how did you know that being a makeup artist was what you wanted to do?

Since I was 16, I was used to doing my sisters and mum’s makeup for any event they were invited to. Then, my sister’s wedding ceremony was the main breakthrough for me; I did her makeup and all of a sudden people asked about the makeup artist. At that moment, I knew deep inside that I wanted to learn professional makeup.

How were your parents like? Were they the strict and overly conservative? How supportive were they of the career path you wanted to follow?

At the beginning, my dad was like, “Okay! You can travel during your Summer vacation and join the school you want!” But, still, I was skeptical about his final permission; I thought that he would back out when he’d hear of the school fees. Thankfully, he didn’t; he was VERY supportive. Thus, I continued with main college major (Computer Science) while following my heart and pursuing makeup artistry as a main career.

Makeup by Mariam Wahid

Makeup by Mariam Wahid


What is your typical skin care routine?

I am not really used to wearing makeup at all; I am just into doing people’s makeup. So, I am pretty much like anyone else; I wake up, wash my face and hit the road.

What is the one piece of beauty advice you swear by and suggest all women should follow?

Well, women need to understand that makeup is just used to accent their natural beauty. So, keep it as simple as possible

What are your top favorite Makeup products?

Mac Lipsticks

In your opinion, what’s the biggest beauty mistake a girl can ever make?

Wearing a brighter foundation than her own natural skin tone!

Makeup by Mariam Wahid

Makeup by Mariam Wahid


Do you have any secret makeup tips or tricks?

Contouring is the most important thing when doing a full makeup look.

What is the next step for you in your career?

I am currently planning on starting makeup courses to teach girls and women how to do their own makeup professionally. I also aim to improve my special effects makeup techniques, as I got certified in that field a year ago.

For all the aspiring makeup artists out there, what are a few things you suggest they do in order to be successful in their career?

It is all about the passion you have! You need also to treat your clients as friendly as possible to keep them relaxed and feeling comfortable.

Makeup by Mariam Wahid

Makeup by Mariam Wahid


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