You Be the Judge: May Ezz ElDin on Neshan’s Show

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Dear readers,

Today, I’ve decided to start off a new section, entitled “You Be the Judge” where you get to voice out your opinions when it comes to celebrity styles and different looks. Every now and then, we spot a star on a red carpet here or in a TV show there, but we seldom get the chance to have our say when it comes to their appearances. Usually, we read random articles on multiple websites or even magazines where editors or stylists tell us about what THEY think. So, here, we will get the chance to discuss what we really admire and what we think of as total “faux pas”.

May Ezz ElDin on Neshan's Show

May Ezz ElDin on Neshan’s Show


Two days ago, I shared May Ezz Eldin’s photo on Instagram asking people about what they thought of the Egyptian star’s outfit on Neshan’s popular show, “Ana Wel Assal” airing on Al Hayah TV every night during Ramadan. I got some very interesting insights which basically motivated me to start off this section. Here are some of the comments:

“I don’t know her, but I think the studs are over, in my opinion. She would have looked better in a plain dress and a huge statement necklace.” — Zinab Chahine (Lebanon)

“I agree! Spikes and rock chic is so last year. However, I must say her general sense of style has improved.” — Creative Director of Telly Designs (UAE)

“Well, I’ve been watching her new series and must admit that am a fan of her makeup artist; s/he has done a great job with every look, though I did not like that eyeliner. It was so tense in all of her looks.” — Sama Sallam (Egypt)

“No hugging in that dress. Ouch!”— Lianne (Canada)

Those were some of the comments I’ve received. Thanks to all the pretty ladies who have joined the discussion. If you want to share with us your opinions, drop by our Facebook page. It’d be great to hear from you 😉


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