Meeting up with Aruna Seth!

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Meeting up with Aruna Seth! After celebrating her latest collaboration with Harrods London, dressing some of the top fashionistas and creating her own signature shoes which are sold around the world, Aruna Seth has proven to be an Empress in the truest sense.

Seth, who has been involved in the shoe business since her childhood, has become an expert who naturally knows the ins and outs of what makes fit-for-a-princess shoes. Usually adorned with Swarovski crystals and manufactured with Italian care and attention to every single detail, Seth’s designs have become among the most sought-after shoes worldwide. With a wide price range starting from £200, Aruna Seth shoes have become the perfect match for women who seek comfort, uniqueness and utter elegance.

I’ve had the chance to have a juicy interview with the woman behind all the grandeur;

Do you remember the first shoe you ever made?

I spent a year in Italy developing the shoe line so yes I remember this well.  The first pair of shoes ever designed was called the Cerise which was initially supposed to be the Aruna Seth signature style.  This is a delicate soft suede wedge with a Swarovski Crystal bow on the back.  We were the first designers to embellish inside the bow with Swarovski crystals.

You’ve been involved in the shoe manufacturing business since your tender years. If that wasn’t the case, what other profession would you have chosen?

I love travelling and take trips monthly so I probably would have been a travel writer.  I have to travel to NYC a great deal to do business with the US and I have recently started travelling more to Dubai to increase brand awareness there.

How do you define the Aruna Seth woman? 

The Aruna Seth woman is independent, confident and stylish.  She loves to invest in quality shoes which will last a long time.

Aruna Seth Shoes

Aruna Seth Shoes

What are your most/least favorite things about being a shoe designer?

I love the variety of what I do.  I am surrounded by passionate people in the industry.  Every-day is different as one-day I may be meeting a Harrods shoe buyer.  The next I could be travelling to the US to do a tradeshow or having breakfast with a journalist.  I travel to Italy once a month to oversee the shoe manufacture there too.

In your opinion, what is the biggest faux pas a woman can make when she goes shoe shopping? 

Buy something uncomfortable that she can’t walk in.  It is always good to be comfortable in your heels.  We use a special technology here at Aruna Seth; our soles have a special plush leather technology in them.  They are padded for long-time wear for feet.  We can convert girls to wearing our shoes as we like to call in cashmere like comfort for feet.

Your shoes can be found in some Arab countries, are there any plans to expand your business into different markets? Egypt, maybe?

We would love to expand further into this market.  We’re now stocked in Qatar in Fifty-One East and we’re constantly visiting clients in Dubai.  We are always looking for new territories to expand into.  Dubai has been a great market especially because they love their bling and color.

What inspires you?

I get inspired by plenty and always have a note-pad at the ready for when an idea comes to mind.  I love to travel so I’ll get inspired by this.  The Venus shoe is inspired by the Red Carpets, we took inspiration from Celebrities who like wearing super high sexy heels to elongate their legs on the Red Carpets.  The glamour of the red carpets!  The Candy shoes were inspired by wanting a heel and another signature look to the Aruna Seth brand to establish ourselves in the world of designers alongside Manolo Blahnik.

How many pairs of shoes do you personally have? 

I own over 150 pairs of shoes and most of them are from my own collection.  I used to love shoe shopping and this is what inspired me to become a shoe designer.  I love Manolo especially.  I am quite determined with what I do and only ever wear my own shoes.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing your glamorous designs. Is there a certain figure whom you want to dress?

Pippa Middleton famously wore a pair of Aruna Seth ‘Lynn’ silver sandals on her wedding day!  We’d love to one day see her sister wear the shoes.  Aruna Seth shoes are described as being ‘fit for a Princess,’ and we’d love to see Kate Middleton in a pair.  The ballerina’s might be a good option now since baby George has arrived!

Aruna Seth Shoes

Aruna Seth Shoes

Who is your favorite style icon?

I love Victoria Beckham’s style and her designs.  She had to fight quite hard for recognition in the Fashion World.  I own several of her dresses because they’re a great buy.  The dresses are well-made, a classic.  They’re a great investment buy just like my shoes.

Are there any future collaborations/projects?

We’ve recently become stocked in Harrods Shoe Heaven again so we will be collaborating with the sales team there a great deal.  Harrods have ben very excited to have our shoes back in-Store as they’ve been tweeting out images.  They have a launch event for Shoe Heaven very soon and I can’t wait to attend.

What’s your favorite material to work with?

I love working with the best materials possible and this is what makes Aruna Seth’s designs so beautiful.  We adorn each shoe with expensive Grosgrain Ribbons and Chantilly lace from France.  We even use the softest leather for the sole of the foot.  We would love to create the most lavish shoe brand in the whole world so we only work with the finest materials.  I love to experiment with materials and we’ve create watersnake to crocodile skin shoes especially for clients in Harrods.

What is the one pair of shoes a woman should have?

A pair of shoes that is absolutely fabulous in every single way.  One pair of shoes should be a complete extravagance that is completely unnecessary.  Several of my clients own a couple of pairs of shoes that they have never worn before.  The shoes are pieces of art that the client loves to pull out of the shoe-box and adore.

What’s your style motto?

Dress from the feet up

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