Meeting up with Egyptian Beauty Blogger Menna Amin

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Meeting up with Egyptian Beauty Blogger Menna Amin. The Fashion & Beauty Scene in Egypt has been flourishing for quite a long time with Fashion Houses expanding their business to include the Egyptian Market, local designers positioning themselves, and fashion & beauty bloggers paving the way for a strong industry with their blossoming voices that seem recently to have a strong influence on the public’s opinions. Whether Egyptian bloggers are mingling among Egypt’s top fashionistas and socialites in glamorous Cairene events, or just scattered around the globe gaining success and popularity with their hardwork and creativity, it has become very clear that Fashion & Beauty blogger in Egypt are the next big thing!

Menna Amin is one of those few Egyptian Beauty Bloggers who committed to their passion for beauty blogging. Despite her full-time job as an Accounting Consultant, she has been dedicating a big part of her time and efforts to her blog that has been vastly growing with thousands of fans who wait eagerly for her beauty reviews, competitions and new tutorials.

I have had this interview with Menna who talked about herself, passions and some of her beauty tips and tricks;

Egyptian Beauty Blogger Menna Amin

Egyptian Beauty Blogger Menna Amin


Thank you Menna for the interview! Tell me, what inspired you to start beauty blogging?

I used to spend at least 2 hours a day checking beauty blogs, youtube beauty gurus’ tutorials, and I have always dreaming to reach there but didn’t know how to start! My husband is actually behind the idea of the blog; he encouraged me as he knew how much I am obsessed with makeup and beauty world. One day, he said “If you wanna be a makeup artist, you have to start now! Do a blog, share the information you have and you will reach your goal someday!” I honestly owe him for this.

What is your favorite part of being a beauty blogger?

My favorite part is when someone sends me a thank you message or tells me, “Oh! Menna I have listened to your advice and it worked!” Also, when I get invited to an event so I can talk to people about beauty, I feel that my long working hours have paid off!

What’s the best thing about living in Dubai?

Dubai is a big Catwalk! It is such a beautiful city where you can see lots and lots of different faces, cultures and you get introduced to all fashion and beauty related things on a daily basis! It’s a mix of the East and the West. For instance, you can easily spot an Arab with an obsession with Italian fashion, or a French lady with gorgeous Arabian style! And I get to learn and see from each and every woman how they rule their beauty and show that to world!

What are your top 5 beauty products?

That’s a really hard question, as I love all my beauty products! But, I will try to be specific! My favorite picks would be Dior Hydra BB Cream, Dolce & Gabbana powder foundation, “They’re Real” mascara from Benefit, Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette from Too Faced and Maybelline Gel Liner.

What makeup trends should we be following this Spring/Summer?

Spring/Summer 2014 is all about peach and pink tones! Forget about your heavy Smokey eyes. Pastel eye shadows are so in, along with strong bold orange lips and dewy skin!

Name three beauty blogs that you usually read or follow.

Lisa Eldrige and Wayne Goss are my inspiration! I have to check their blog/youtube channel every day. In addition, Caroline Hirons, is the best person to follow if you want to know more about skincare. My conception about skincare has completely changed since I started following her!

Tell us three beauty tips every woman should live by.

Skincare, skincare and skincare! If you have good skin, you won’t need tons of makeup! Cleanse, moisturize and use face masks! Sunscreen is your best friend forever.

There is a statement I heard from Caroline Hirons which I live by; “You only get one face, so why mess with it?”

What is your next step?

I have my makeup diploma starting in few months! It is going to be a life-changing step for me, as it will hopefully add value to my talent.

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