Favorite Product of the Week: Nose Pore Strips from Marks & Spencer

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Blackheads are among the most notorious conditions that many people suffer from. Despite being so common, some people mistaken it for dirt and thus they start using all those cleansers and exfoliates aiming to get rid of those annoying tiny spots. For your information, blackheads are not dirt. They are just oxidized white spots that pile up due to excessive oil secretion or even dirt. All you need to do is find a way to unclog your pores of those blackheads.

There are many way to get rid of blackheads and I, personally, have had my share of trying blackheads exfoliations and homemade facials along. However, I have found that nose strips are a quickie way of getting rid of most of them for quite a long time (Blackheads always come back).

Recently, I’ve got to try on the Nose Pore Strips from Marks & Spencer which comes in a sleek white packet with 4 strips to be used on different occasions.

Nose Pore Strips from Marks & Spencer

Nose Pore Strips from Marks & Spencer

To use the strips (one at a time);

  • You have to wet your nose a little bit. In other words, it has to be moist and NOT soaking wet.
  • You will take off the strip and stick it slowly to your nose. You’d notice that it is quite soft on your skin.
  • Wait till the strip feels dry on your skin and pull it off. (You don’t need to pull it strongly as you don’t need to risk having any cuts or complications of any sort).
  • Many of those blackheads will get stuck to your nose strip. (I bet you will spend quite a long time staring at those yucky hairy-ish dots).
  • You can repeat this procedure once every couple of weeks.

Note: This is a temporary procedure. It doesn’t cure the root causes of blackheads. It just helps you get rid of them instantly. If you need a more thorough cure, visit a beautician or a dermatologist.

You can find those nose strips at any Marks & Spencer branch. (Price: 75 LE. It may vary in other branches around the world.)

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