You Be the Judge: Raya Abirached Vs. Nicole Scherzinger

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On Saturday, millions of Arabs have watched the finale of the hit show Arabs Got Talent. Every year, people are always eager to see the contestants and their favorite divas; Raya Abirached and Najwa Karam, to get a glimpse of their style and eternal charm. Consequently, the two ladies have made it a constant habit to dazzle their fans across the region with very poised, enchanting and elegant looks. Raya, who is known for her cordial Social Media activity and constant determination to share some of the very precious moments of her life with her fans, has been sharing photos of her looks on a weekly basis not only to keep her followers informed, but also to give some of her favorite designers a shout-out.

This season, Raya has been spotted wearing multiple items by some of the most coveted local designers in the region, such as Azza Fahmy, Tony Ward and Aiisha Ramadan who has been dressing Raya since forever in very dreamy dresses. Thus, it was no surprise to see Raya glowing on #ArabsGotTalent’s finale in a shimmery hand-embroidered gown by Aiisha. BUT, the thing is Nicole Scherzinger has been spotted in that very same gown a couple of weeks ago at the X-Factor (UK). So, we have made a very simple poll asking our readers and followers to tell us “Who wore it best?”

Raya Abirached Vs. Nicole Scherzinger

Raya Abirached Vs. Nicole Scherzinger


Here are some of the comments we got:

“The tall one always wins! Nicole for sure. Love the dress!” — Lamia Ghoneim (Egypt)

“The one with the nicer waist. I feel like the dress’s cut and design is all about the waist and length.” — Raghda Salama (Egypt)

“The lighting, angle…, etc for each photo is so different. They both look great!”  Sarah Baker (Canada)


Those were some of the comments we’ve received. Thanks to all the pretty ladies who have joined the discussion. If you want to share with us your opinions, drop by our Facebook page. It’d be great to hear from you!


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