Salma Rachid A La Marocaine

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Social Media bridges many gaps and certainly crosses lots of boundaries; be it cultural, social or even linguistic boundaries. Artists, companies, brands, designers and especially rising stars have been aware of that. Thus, they have been using social media as a means of gaining more acclaim, followership and fame through communicating with their fans worldwide. Arab Idol’s contestants are savvy when it comes to New Media. As a big fan of the show, I have been following how contestants socialize with their fans either through Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

The cute little Moroccan contestant Salma Rachid from Arab Idol has a very strong bond with her fans who have been urging her to wear a Moroccan kaftan. There were rumors that some top-notch kaftan designers, like Meriem Belkhayat, would be designing a kaftan for Salma. Surprisingly, Salma has succumbed to her fans’ wishes and dazzled them with a hot red Moroccan kaftan. She looked elegant, poised and like a true Moroccan who was able to rock the stage with her deep voice, charms and ethnic elegance.

Salma Rachid Wearing a Moroccan Kaftan in Arab Idol

Salma Rachid in a Moroccan Kaftan


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Noha Rahhal

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1 Comment

  1. karim

    August 23, 2013 at 9:04 am

    salam lala salma zint lebnat ana karim men tanger walakin mou9im fe barcelonakay3ejbouni benat casa benat hay lmouhamadi melhat zouinat kantemena netzewej bchi bent bhalek fel mouwassafat yasalam3aref ani manweslekchi kayninbezaf diyal lmounafissin tahiya liki men barcelona moumkin numero tel diyalek

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