Sarah Abaza’s Fine Jewelry: Classy, Trendy & Sophisticated

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Today, I’m bringing to you a brilliant jewelry designer whose designs are all about elegance, trendiness and simplicity. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sarah Abaza who is a young Egyptian designer known for her unique playful items that suit women and girls of all ages. Sarah is also one of the few designers who creates trendy collections for little girls as you will see below. Whether you’re looking for some hip pieces that will rock your outfit, heading to a chic soiree and want to look poised and elegant, or even looking for a gift for a little girl, you need to check out Sarah’s Facebook group or website to get some inspiration or maybe even shop some little treasures.

Here are some of my favorite designs by Sarah Abaza;

Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

Earrings by Sarah Abaza


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

A beautiful necklace by Sarah Abaza


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

A simple beautiful ring (By: Sarah Abaza)


A little chic bracelet by Sarah Abaza


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

Elegant earrings perfect for a princess (By Sarah Abaza)


A simple bracelet encrusted with diamonds (By: Sarah Abaza)


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

A yellow gold necklace with the Egyptian flag embellished with diamonds (By: Sarah Abaza)


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

A rock-chic white gold ring encrusted with diamonds (By: Sarah Abaza)


A macrame bracelet embellished with gold (By: Sarah Abaza)


From “Hello Kitty” Collection by Sarah Abaza


Sarah Abaza Fine Jewelry

Pins for little girls (By: Sarah Abaza)


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