Sarah Beydoun: A Woman on TOP

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Today, I am introducing you to a great woman who is not just one of my favorite Arab designers, but also one of those powerful women whom I look up to. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Lebanese designer Sarah Beydoun, the lovely woman behind Sarah’s Bag. Sarah’s Bag is a fashionable, playful and trendy fashion accessories line.

Sarah Beydoun

Sarah founded her brand in 2000; back then it was a modest line dedicated only to making handmade  bags, but now Sarah’s Bag is one of the popular accessories lines in the Middle East selling its products in many Arab countries, such as: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

A shot from Sarah’s Bag Showroom


What I like most about Sarah’s Bag is that it is not just another fashion line with trendy designs that are worn by Arab divas and celebrities, but it is also a rehabilitation program. I was thrilled when I knew that Sarah provided second chances for marginalized and underprivileged women who served time in prison and needed a fresh start. Sarah’s Bag is that fresh start; where they learn new skills, earn a living and live proudly without the need to rely on someone else. You can watch this video to know more about those striving women at Sarah’s Bag.

I have picked for you some gorgeous designs that I am sure you will really like;

By Sarah’s Bag


By Sarah’s Bag


By Sarah’s Bag


By Sarah’s Bag


In the end and on the behalf of many women out there who believe in empowering women, I’d like to thank you Sarah for your creativity and sense of duty towards your society.  Hope that other designers will look up to you. And many thanks to those strong women in your team who decided to start off clean and have been dazzling us with their great work.


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