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Growing up, I have never thought very highly of my complexion or skin. I used to have a hard-to-manage face all until puberty; when hormones have done their wonders and I have become blessed with having a somewhat healthy-looking face. However, that has never meant that I do not have to do some work every now and then to maintain a glowing and clear complexion. So, when one our readers from left a comment on an Instagram post asking about my beauty routine, I thought it was time that I should pile up some of my own personal tips and tricks on how to get clear and glowing face.

Fill It Up!

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You’d probably have read about this in a zillion lifestyle magazines, but drinking water is definitely an underrated beauty secret. Not only does water speed up your metabolism and keep you hydrated especially during Summer, but it also keeps your skin clear and your lips rosy. If you’re a Muslim, just think of how your skin looks during the day compared to how your skin actually feels like when you keep on drinking water throughout the day. For me, I always keep a bottle of water on my desk, and keep on refilling it.

Soap Is My Worst Enemy

No Soap

No Soap

Yep, you read that right. I never use soap and if it ever touches my skin, I know that it is a matter of hours till my skin would start peeling off or get too dry and ashy. My animosity with soap started while I was watching a beauty show on National TV, where the host recounted some beauty secrets revealed by Egyptian divas. It turned out that Egyptian star Laila Taher claimed that she never used soap and that was how she maintained a glowing complexion. So, from that moment on, I cut off soap from my daily routine. Of course, relying mainly on water as a main cleansing tool has sounded bullocks for my old-school mom, but I have never regretted giving up on soap with all its chemicals and dehydrating effects.

As for keeping my skin clean, I use water constantly, a cleanser once a week (as I avoid exhausting skin cells with too many chemicals) and from time to time, I can sport a cleansing mask (such as Moroccan mud) to remove dead skin cells.

Easy on the Makeup Game

Easy on the Makeup Game

Easy on the Makeup Game

If you’re a friend of mine and know all about the tons of makeup tools I would buy, you’d think that someone else must have written this piece. But, this is a very recent discovery of mine, as I learnt the hard way to keep my makeup-use to minimal. A year ago, I would wear makeup on a daily basis. Then, one day, I was in a hurry, and forgot to add some blemishes of color to my face. When I got to work, many people thought I was sick or too pale. I was neither of those; I just went out bare-faced. So, I thought that maybe it was time to embrace my natural beauty, invest time, money and effort to taking care of my natural skin, instead of piling it up with tons of products that eventually have negative implications on my look.

Right now, on a daily basis, I would only sport some dabs of sun-screen combined with a moisturizing cream, and a hint of color to fill in my eyebrows. As for the full-makeup looks, I would definitely keep them for special occasions, such as weddings, dates…, etc., or any other event where I might be getting photographed or want to look put-together.

Simplicity… Again & Again

Since I’ve been a beauty and fashion editor for more than 4 years, you’d probably think that I should be raving all about beauty products; creams, serums, scrubs, masks…., etc. Truth is I tend to keep my routine as natural as possible. Why would I spend hundreds of pounds on an eye-cream to cover up my dark circles, if I don’t even eat healthy or drink enough water? See? I’m pro-nature as it has never failed me. So, you just need to wise up with your shopping sprees for all those flashy containers, and be literally down to earth.

Shake It Baby. SHAKE IT!

Sweat It Out!

Sweat It Out!

Frankly, I have never been a sportive person, but I would like to move around and do some little exercises on a daily basis, even if it is in the form of doing some belly dancing and sweating myself out. What made me realize how doing exercises is good for my complexion was when I had my first Zumba class, and the next day I found my skin looking vivid and in-tact. Back then, the Zumba instructor explained that blood circulation was key to looking healthy. In other words, keep this red liquid inside you flowing around.

Using the Right Makeup Tools

Makeup Tools

Being economic with using makeup does not mean that I should not invest in high-quality makeup products. Alas! Using the right tools guarantees a smooth look, and lesser probability of break-outs and health issues. But, don’t get fooled into thinking that the right tools have always to be super-pricey. Drug-store finds can be very efficient. Just do your homework; watch as many tutorials as you can, read reviews by honest non-sponsored bloggers, and be your own judge.

Keeping It Clean

Clean Your Brushes

Clean Your Brushes

I cannot seem to sufficiently highlight the importance of hygiene to daily routine. Whether you need to get rid of expired products, wash your makeup bag and brushes, or remove your makeup before going to bed, you have to make sure that your face is very remote to dust, dead skin cells and outdated products. (You can read all about my favorite brush cleanser here.)

S*** Happens & You Gotta Accept It

Zits Can Happen to Anyone (Photo Credit: @farahdhukai)

By now, you’d probably think that I’m one of those lucky people who are blessed with zero blemishes, but this is never the case. Not even with A-list beauty bloggers and experts. Everyone gets his/her share of zits, redness and open pores. Whether it is hormones, a foul product or an unhealthy beauty habit, you can rest assured that s*** happens to everyone. Whenever I get a zit, I stop using any new items that I’ve been applying lately, put on some Calamyl-D lotion to ease any soars, and/or I’d rather stop using any products whatsoever and leave my face completely bare until it heals itself. Of course what might work for me might not be the way out later, and what might cause a miracle for my face, cannot simply work for others. The opposite still is the case.


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