The Rolland Behairy Saga: Cutting into the Truth!

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A couple of days ago, Egyptian designer Hany El Behairy has officially launched his latest Fall Winter 2016 collection in a glamorous event where dozens of Egyptian celebrities and movie stars attended, just like every year, to share such moments with their personal friend and one of the few guys who create their red carpet looks. We have certainly kept an eye on the show, and were wondering if any of those A-class ladies had any clue that they are making real effort to pay homage to a designer who has been accused of being a copycat not just once, twice, but on so many occasions.

Maybe, to freshen up your memory, you probably have heard of the recent Laila Eloui red carpet stunt that has garnered a lot of attention not just because of the star’s great posture and surprising weight loss that has made Eloui look way younger, but because Emirati designer Mona Al Mansouri was the first one to open fire against Behairy who, according to her, has copied one of Stephane Rolland’s previous creations. She even posted a photo of Eloui’s dress alongside Cindy Cho’s look at the MET Gala 2015 signed by Stephane Rolland.

ليلی علوی الفنانه الراقيه احبها كثيرا تالقت بفستان اعجب الكثيرين لكن متابعين الموضه يعرفون تمام المعرفه انه مستنسخ كوبي بست من فستان لمصمم عالمي بحق وحقيقي المطلوب من متابعي الموضه معرفه المصمم الاصلی والمصمم التقليد الذي نقل الموديل الذي يتوصل للحل له فستان هديه من دار المنصوري او الفين درهم نقدا المسابقه مفتوحه للجميع خارج وداخل الدوله#ليلي_علوي #ليلي_علوي #مصممين#مصمم#تصاميم #تقليد#غش#منی_المنصوري #دار_اوبال #دار_المنصوري #قطر #كويت#عمان #مسقط #موضه_فاشون #موضة

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ET Arabic has followed through with the allegations, and it turned out that there have been previous accusations binding Hany El Behairy and the house of Stephane Rolland. The video reportage has also revealed a quick interview with El Behairy who was responding to previous allegations in the Nadia El Gendy incident, when she walked down the Alexandria Film Festival in a gown reminiscent of another Stephane Rolland gown.

In the interview, El Behairy stated he was a personal friend of Stephane Rolland; such friendship, according to El Behairy, has granted him a direct permission from Rolland himself to the imitate the latter’s designs.

Such a “made-up” story obviously had too many loops for us to buy. So, instead of bitching about the whole thing on Social Media, we decided to get in touch with Stephane Rolland’s team in Paris and see if such Rolland-El Behairy personal saga ever existed.

Hany El Behairy

Hany El Behairy

In our correspondence with Stephane Rolland Fashion House, we explained all the details to make sure they were well-informed about the incident. We even sent through photos of Laila Eloui’s recent controversial look. Luckily, the Parisian team replied and struck us with their frank response.

“For sure this is a crude imitation of a special dress made by Stéphane Rolland!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes,” wrote Anne-Sophie Barbe, Attachee de Presse at Stephane Rolland.

When asked about the alleged friendship between El Behairy and Rolland, Barbe defied all those claims saying, “Stéphane Rolland isn’t at all a friend of Hany El Beheiry and would never have accepted him to imitate a dress he had designed!”

Correspondence between Sans Retouches Team and Stephane Rolland Team in Paris

Correspondence between Sans Retouches Team and Stephane Rolland Team in Paris


Stephane Rolland Team's Response to the Aforementioned Query

Stephane Rolland Team’s Response to the Aforementioned Query

Honestly, we were looking forward to that email, and were waiting for any response that would back up El Behairy’s theory, as we always regarded him as a talented designer. However, at the time being, we could not do anything but feel sorry for all his customers who might have thought that they were investing thousands of pounds in an original piece.

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