A Glamorous Talk with the Gaydamak Sisters

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A Glamorous Talk with the Gaydamak Sisters! For years, people have been accustomed to the same jewelry pieces. Well, maybe one can be lucky enough to see multiple unique designs, but eventually they are of the same concept and motifs. Thinking of a new jewelry piece would seem impossible. However, when it comes to creativity, there is no place for the “Impossible”. Sonia and Katia Gaydamak are two sisters who defied any set rules and got themselves a distinctive place in a highly competitive market by inventing their first Hand Bracelets. Soon after the big buzz their then-new creation has made, Gaydamak Jewellery has become synonym with luxury, elegance and sophistication.

Gaydamak Jewellery has recently expanded its clientele to include the Middle East. We had a brief chat with both of the Gaydamak Sisters who were more than happy to tell us about their Middle Eastern experience along with sharing some of their jewelry tips and tricks.

Sonia and Katia, thank you for this interview!  First off, how do you feel after expanding your business to the Middle East?

It’s very exciting to have expanded to the Middle East. We feel like it’s a place where we should have been for a while due to the influence that local designs, architecture and shapes have had on our brand over the last few years.

Do you feel quite challenged with all the competition set by jewelry designers in the region?

We always believed that the more, the better! We enjoy being presented next to creative and talented designers. It’s stimulating and flattering to know that your competitors have the same goal: impress and think outside the box!

How do Middle Eastern clients differ from your European clients, in your opinion?

The Middle Eastern client is much more spontaneous. It’s a pleasure to see excitement on the face of a client – they are our best ambassadors. We have also noticed that they are very fashion and trend conscious, which means Gaydamak is very desirable within this type of market.

Your hand bracelets were a breakthrough. Do you think they will always be considered your competitive advantage? Or, you will try with new jewelry “inventions”?

The Hand Bracelet is our signature piece. We are always designing new ones and hope never to run out of ideas for our favorite item in the jewelry wardrobe. Nevertheless, we do not stop ourselves from testing out new ideas and working on challenging projects. Right now it’s all about the gloves, and we’re excited to see the response of the market.

Katia & Sonia Gaydamak

Katia & Sonia Gaydamak

What are your latest updates?

We have just launched a collection of diamond gloves. The new shapes allow us to design for the hand, as is our signature, but also to reach new technical successes. The lightness of each mitten, the setting of the stones and the perforated gold has turned out to be breathtaking!

Describe your own personal style.

We have noticed some new obsessions in our style lately! Colorful jackets – it’s our way to stay in a good mood when we’re in grey London. And then we chose our hand bracelet depending on the mood of the day.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest jewelry faux pas a woman can ever make?

What is a faux pas? It can only be a lack of self-confidence. Jewelry reflects your personality and your individuality. In our opinion mixing old and new, different gold colors or costume and high-end jewelry is the most beautiful way to wear jewelry.

Who’s your favorite style icon?

Salma Hayek is amazing! She wears everything with grace and elegance.

Is there any Arab celebrity whom you’d like to see wearing your designs?

Nancy Ajram has worn our jewellery many times now!  She is beautiful!!

Where can people find Gaydamak jewelry in the Middle East?

Gaydamak Jewellery is sold at Sylvie Saliba in Lebanon, Jade in Saudi Arabia and will be sold in Dubai very soon. The next destinations are Qatar, Algeria and Egypt.

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