Tips to Stay Fit during Eid Al Adha

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Eid Al Adha is another way for families and friends to gather in one place; pray, practice other rituals and of course have dozens of slow-cooked home meals. Since we know that the calories radar might go wild on those 3 to 4 days, we thought of sharing some simple tips that will help you feel light.



Don’t Forget Your Veggies

Vegetables may sound like a weird option in an occasion that mainly celebrates all kinds of red meat. However, vegetables are highly recommended for that mere purpose. Not only are they generally good for health, but vegetables are rich in fibers that will ease the digestion process especially if you eat large portions of meat.



Water Is Your Best Friend. ALWAYS!

Water is one of those nutrients that deserve blogs not just a paragraph. Whether you need to smooth out your skin or have a better metabolism, drinking a good amount of water becomes inevitable. Just remember to drink a glass or two of water in between your meals for the sake of dissolving fats and soluble fibers.

Lean Cuts

Choose Lean Cuts

To reduce any indigestion possibilities, you need to choose wisely what meat cuts you have. Leaner cuts, such as round steaks, top loin, sirloin and shoulders, are known to have fewer saturated fats.

Shake it Off!

Shake it Off!

Shake It Off!

Don’t get overindulged with the family gatherings and ongoing feasts. Doing a little bit of exercise would help you stay fresh and active no matter how heavy your meal might be. Jogging would be a good option if you are a fan of outdoor activities. However, if you don’t have the option to go out, you can google any YouTube fitness videos that can suit your level of proficiency.

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